Tru Will – Fun flight OF osirs (SOUNDRISE)

instumental: rebirth lyrics: its a little odd dont you feel it im a little proud to be chillin the sound of a feelin comes around and you hear it found in the lyrics was the bottled up spirit that took the power to the celing broken up out of the bounds of what we’re dealing the transmitted airways that becomes stairways for the bulding ever climbin higher f you got a vowel im a buyer ill dowm to pin it down with the fire and bust fortunes wheel stick it on my ride as the driver to the otherside carryin loads of light in a truck destined for dawn’s bright ride the song’s flight ties a kite to the skies and insights a riot of the eyes sayin saiyanara to the drama of the wise, i got the dali llamas diet and some ciggarettes on theside climbin till we figured it into piles of people’s pious cries read with realness and a quiet sort of mind if its lyin let it lie left with silence i’ll let it ride till the giants in the sky diw from a seasoned life the reason why wolves cry to the moon at night is that jesus forgot to turn their water into wine i am the father of the daughter of the revolutionary crime the martyr got caught up in the rebirth of the time so much worth in a line cant help but to be cursed in the blurred burst of the rhymes the sign of the times hurts worse than any other john hancock’s thirst for design burns into the mind like the birds simple chirps in the discern of the what we find yearns for the return of the g stuck between the h and e
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