Treatment for Hemorrhoids Tips and Remedies

Treatment for Hemorrhoids Tips and Remedies

Article by Nick Makela

Depending on how severe your case of hemorrhoids, treatment for hemorrhoids options can vary. Right now we’ll talk about the various options out there and some simple natural alternatives to them.

First off, let’s go through the two different types of hemorrhoids that there are. There are external hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids.

External Hemorrhoids
This type of hemorrhoids is just as it sounds and occurs under the skin that is around the anus. They affect the large veins around there. The symptoms of this type could include pain and itching when you are passing feces. Often there can be a bump in the area around the anus which means it is swollen.

Internal Hemorrhoids
Unlike external hemorrhoids, internal hemorrhoids cannot be felt as easily. Usually they are noticed through passing blood in the stools. This type is located in the internal lining of the rectum.

To treat these problems one should first go to the doctor and get an examination to be certain that this is the problem. Blood could also be a sign of more serious conditions. It’s best to be certain it isn’t.

One option for curing hemorrhoids is surgery. This, however, is not a good idea unless the case is quite severe. It can be expensive and take lots of time to recover from the surgery.

Fortunately, there are other treatment for hemorrhoids that are more natural and safe. Many home remedies are out there for dealing with the swelling, itching, pain, etc. These are all great but you really want to try to actually cure the issue not juts cover up the itch. As I always say, to cure hemorrhoids you must find out what is causing this for you and then take steps to solve it.

Anyhow, some simple remedies to get rid of the symptoms include bathing in water that is warm and has salt, eating more fruit juices, using certain herbs, taking anti-inflammatory medications, using creams that contain hydro cortisone for the itch, and applying ice. All of these methods, however, only deal with the awful symptoms.

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