Thrombosed Hemorrhoids – Is Surgery the Solution?

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids – Is Surgery the Solution?

It’s a fact that thrombosed hemorrhoids are more painful than ordinary ones. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectum or anus that are a result of pressure from straining. When the blood supply to a swollen vein is cut off, it may form a blood clot and is thus thrombosed. Because of the pain and discomfort caused by the condition, some individuals immediately consider surgery.

Surgical removal is often known as hemorrhoidectomy. This involves making an incision that will allow a surgeon to drain the clot and remove parts of the swollen vein. For a lot of patients, this has led to the significant relief of the symptoms of thrombosed hemorrhoids. Some medical experts warn though that this is a procedure that is best considered within three days of the formation of the thrombosed lump. Surgery later than this can lead to more discomfort. This does not however, prevent patients from still opting for late surgery.

The risks of this surgical procedure are similar to other procedures.

Bleeding and scaring seem to be the most significant risks but infection is rare in the hands of an expert surgeon. Sometimes, the condition may recur if the thrombosed part is not properly removed.

Often a thrombosed vein will not stay permanently so. It is possible for thrombosed hemorrhoids to go away on their own. This is why some experts simply advice patients to take measures that will relieve the discomfort. Pain may be minimized by sitting on a tub of warm water or using cold compresses.

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