The Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

The Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

Wondering what a Thrombosed hemorrhoid is? A Thrombosed hemorrhoid is actually a combination of two medical terms that describes two different conditions that affect an individual’s body.

First there’s the term hemorrhoid, which is the swelling up and the inflammation of veins that are found in the rectum and anus. It is considered to be a form of varicose vein-which as we all know is often times associated with the big veins that appear on a person’s legs. A thrombosis on the other hand, is a condition in which blood clots inside a blood vessel or vein.

Simply put, a thrombosed hemorrhoid is therefore a type of hemorrhoid that is swollen due to the formation of a blood clot within the veins found in the bowel area of an individual.

Although it can be irritating and uncomfortable, a hemorrhoid alone is considered to be generally harmless.

It is only when a blood clot develops in the hemorrhoid area that the situation is considered to be dangerous. A thrombosis usually happens when the blood flow of an individual is slowed down, due to the build up of fatty tissues within the blood vessels. Theses fatty issues are usually connected with an individual’s unbalanced diet, especially if the diet an individual takes is cholesterol filled.

A Thrombosed hemorrhoid is dangerous since it can lead to other diseases that will affect further the normal functions of a person, especially bowel movement, when not cured quickly.

One of these diseases is gangrene, which means the death of a certain area in the body due to the loss of blood supply. The thrombosis hemorrhoid or blood clot blocks the flow of blood in the area of the rectum and anus, thus preventing the necessary nutrients absorbed by the blood to pour out through the area.

Thankfully though, medicinal advancements have made remedies of the disease available to those who suffer from it.

One of them is applying cream made from all natural products upon the affected area. This remedy is cheaper and is proven to be equally effective compared to having a surgery.

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