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I was asked to comment on a video with Hamza Tzortzis, where he tries to make fellow Muslims feel good about their religion. He defines technology as being based on the Koran. He claims that the legal concept of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law is based on Islamic hadiths and that Islam only spells tolerance. I manage only the first 2 points. Then it gets too much for me. But I reckon it is sufficient to show how this dishonest argumentation and fabrication of claims is simply made up and is not based on the truth or facts. Claims are not backed up by evidence, but wishful thinking and blatant lies. Are Muslims not capable of rational thoughts? Why is Hamza still applauded and cheered on, when all he does is embarrass Islam and lie through his teeth? Just in case anyone has missed it, Hamza constantly adds “he” or “she” to every name he uses. And he uses a lot of names. I make fun of this irritating habit. Why do I seem obsessed with Hamza? He blocked me on his old blog when I tried a civilised conversation with him. Since then, he has blocked me everywhere to avoid my asking uncomfortable questions. He manages to leave comments on my various contact sites and then runs. So what I am trying to do is show others the dishonesty of Hamza and that he has no real arguments for anything – and that he lies. Sources: the video www.youtube.com History Louis IX justus.anglican.org legal principle en.wikipedia.org The article www.globalwebpost.com/farooqm/study_res
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Please Subscribe To The Evolution Documentary YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com Broadcast (2010) What happens behind the scenes at the Museum? Why is it important to preserve the 70 million specimens in the collections? And how relevant is the research of Museum scientists to today’s challenges, like biodiversity loss and the spread of tropical disease? The BBC documentary, Museum of Life, will answer these questions, and many more. Museum of Life gives viewers an inside look at the Natural History Museum and some of the 300 or more scientists who work here. Cameras follow them on collecting expeditions around the world, as they hunt for dinosaur fossils and study the biodiversity of remote areas. But there are also plenty of discoveries to be made at the Museum itself, including hidden store rooms full of specimens, and high tech science facilities, such as the DNA labs. Find out about the huge variety of plants and animals that scientists study here, and why they are important for conservation efforts today. About the presenters: As a young man, Jimmy Doherty (Jimmy’s Farm, Jimmy Doherty in Darwin’s Garden, Jimmy’s Global Harvest) worked as a volunteer at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington. Now he returns to join the Museum scientists and find out how much has changed. He is joined by engineer Kate Bellingham (Tomorrow’s World), doctor of tropical medicine Chris van Tulleken (Medicine Men), conservationist Liz Bonnin (Bang Goes the Theory) and zoologist Mark
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7 Tips To Avoid Pregnancy Hemorrhoids – And Learn How To Cure Them At Home With 100% Natural, Real World Tested System

7 Tips To Avoid Pregnancy Hemorrhoids

Don’t Sit Or Stand for long Periods of time Don’t Do Any Lifting Try Not To Strain during bowel movements, as harder stools aggravate the condition and cause discomfort. Follow a healthy, high fiber diet that encourages soft stools and make sure you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of fresh water per day. Avoid excess rubbing with toilet paper, try blotting. Try to avoid foods that cause constipation and aggravate Hemorrhoids – All processed foods and sugars, including – White Flour, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated Oils, Refined Sugars, Chili Peppers, Coffee, Alcohol, Bad Fats and Oils, Animal products and Excess Red meat. Try To Get Some Light Exercise as it is beneficial for pregnancy hemorrhoids consult with your physician if you are unsure).

If you have suffered from hemorrhoids before becoming pregnant, its possible that you may become effected by the condition again during pregnancy. If this occurs there is no need to worry, as it may simply be a case of changing your diet, incorporating some light exercise into your routine, and drinking plenty of water to improve the symptoms. Being Pregnant may also be a good reason to start eating well and improve your well being on a whole.

What Options Do I Have For Treatment Of My Pregnancy Hemorrhoids?

1. Ask Your Doctor For The Best Treatment During Pregnancy for your personal condition.

2. Creams, Suppositories and Over The Counter Solutions If you have tried various over the counter treatments, you are probably aware of how they work and know they only act as a temporary solution.

I’ve Tried Everything! Is There A Natural Hemorrhoid Cure That Is “Safe For Pregnant And Lactating Mothers”?

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