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woman who was eight months pregnant gave birth in the IDF field hospital in Haiti at 2:30 am, Sunday. The IDF reported that the infant, a boy, was named Israel. The woman was the first to give birth at the field hospital. The Israeli search teams operating in Haiti will cease looking for survivors buried beneath rubble as of Monda More..y, Army Radio reported Sunday evening. Team commanders reportedly determined that the chances of finding anyone alive more than four days after the quake will be very slim. Home Front Command soldiers currently in Haiti will nonetheless remain on the island, at least until Thursday, and assist IDF medical teams at the Israeli field hospital. Earlier Sunday The IDF reported that it had rescued a 52-year-old man from the ruins. The trapped man had communicated his location by sending a text message on a cellphone. On Saturday Israeli rescue and medical teams quickly joined the international effort on to locate and extricate survivors and provide aid to the millions of Haitians rendered helpless by last Tuesday’s devastating earthquake. Haitian officials are speculating that the death toll may be anywhere from 50000 to 200000, and vast numbers of bodies are being buried in mass graves to try to reduce the spread of disease. A third of Haiti’s 9 million people are believed to require aid, with 300000 living on the streets here in the capital alone. The UN has described the disaster as the most challenging it has faced in terms of resources
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Pain Relief For Woman Who Suffer Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

Article by Jerome Tatler

For woman who have and suffered hemorrhoids during pregnancy, they know the anguish, irritation and pain that comes with it. However, hemorrhoids are actually very common during a pregnancy.

Some women, who are in their first pregnancy, have been know to have hemorrhoids. And the chances of getting it during pregnancy is even higher if a woman had hemorrhoids before pregnancy.

The fact that pregnancy makes a woman more prone to have hemorrhoids. The reason is that a woman’s growing uterus, which is getting bigger by the day, adds pressure on the pelvic veins and on a large vein that is on the right side of the body.

This vein called the inferior vena cava, receives blood from the lower limbs. And because of the return path of the blood to the lower limbs is slower and this increases the pressure on the veins below your uterus, which causes them to become swollen.

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids during pregnancy, here are some pain relief methods that could help you.

1. You can apply a soft covering ice pack to the hemorrhoids directly for a few times in a day. Applying ice pack may help to decrease swelling and may make the discomfort go away for a while.

2. You can also try to soak your affected area, which is normally around your anal region, in a tub filled with warm water. Simply filled a small tub with warm water and submerge your bottom simply by sitting down.

3. You can combine both the cold and warm treatments too. Start with the cold treatment and followed by the warm treatment.

4. Use soft tissue, or pre-moistened wipes to clean your affected area gently, but thoroughly. There are also medicated wipes in the market that are specifically made for people with hemorrhoids.

There are many natural hemorrhoids treatment for pregnant woman in the market. Do some research and ask around your own circle of friends, who also suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy on which product works for them.

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