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Treatments for Hemorrhoids – You Can Do Something About Them at Home

Article by Jem Karl

My uncle Gordon used to joking about his arthritis on his knees and even about the naughty diarrhea that stained his clothes. But he never mentioned about his hemorrhoids in that manner. So it’s totally understandable if you are too embarrassed to talk about, or even turn to someone else for help with it. And you are not alone in that account. The good news is that you don’t have to go to a doctor if you don’t want to because there are many natural treatments for hemorrhoids that will effectively help you eliminate them. This article is going to deal with some of these treatments and more.

The first step to get rid of hemorrhoids is to determine whether what you are suffering from are hemorrhoids or not. If you take something else as hemorrhoids, then it would be like walking in the dark. It will not only be a waste of time, effort and money, but also delay your treatment for the true condition. This can be done in two ways. This first is to do your research about the symptoms of hemorrhoids and compare them with what you have. For example, the blood on toilet paper or stool means that you are suffering from hemorrhoids if it is bright red in color. If the color is dark red, then it might be something else. The second method to diagnose your condition is to consult a doctor, which you must do if you have any suspicion.

After you have made sure that it’s hemorrhoids that are bothering you, you should take immediate measures to stop the current symptoms. Something is what you will do automatically, e.g. trying to find out the best posture to facilitate bowel movement. Stop holding your breath and straining when you are passing stool. These steps are both good in alleviate the symptoms such as bleeding.

Another step that I have found very effective for is to take a good rest. Hemorrhoids always come up to bother me whenever I destroy my normal lifestyle like staying up late and drinking too little water during the day. If you do things correctly, the hemorrhoids will not stay with you more than 3 days when you are at the early stage of the condition.

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How To Cure Hemorrhoids And Keep Them From Coming Back!

Article by Jack Harold

If you are reading this it’s likely that you have just developed hemorrhoids (piles) or have been suffering for a while and are looking for information on how to cure hemorrhoids.

The one thing that you don’t want is the ‘quick fix’ and two months later they’re back again. You’re worried, you’re in pain and discomfort and you not only want to get rid of them, you don’t want them to come back!

The first thing you should do is take account of your lifestyle. Quite often hemorrhoids occur as result of some action or ‘inaction’ in our current lifestyle. It is important to treat the causes where they can be identified so as to reduce or even eliminate the symptoms.

So what are the causes?

Causes vary but the same patterns consistently emerge. Since many occupations involve office work (sitting down for long periods) the number of sufferers has increased. Also a major cause is with diet, especially high carbohydrate consumption and low fiber intake. Frequent constipation and ‘forcing’ the stools to come out is a also a contributing factor. However there are some exceptions to ‘lifestyle causes’ and these include pregnancy and the genetic background of the sufferer. However for these last two categories you can reduce the pain and discomfort by following some of the measures listed below.

So how can I get a cure that lasts?

The good news is that 80% of sufferers get relief within a week or two of the symptoms appearing. The bad news is that over 50% of these sufferers will have a recurrence. Research has shown that the 50% of sufferers who don’t have a repeat bout take the appearance of hemorrhoids as a ‘health warning’ and do something about it.

Let’s take the prolonged sitting cause. Don’t eat your lunch in the office sitting down – get some exercise. walk around the block even if it’s cold for 20 minutes. This is sufficient to get the blood circulation moving in the rectal area and has the added benefit of loosening up your stools and preventing constipation!

In fact get as much walking done during the day there are also other health benefits.

Now we move on to diet. This is the biggest cause of hemorrhoids. The real culprit is a badly balanced diet – low on fiber and fruit and high on carbohydrates and sugar. If you’re into junk food – eliminate it or at least cut it down. Take a good bowl of muesli if you don’t like flakes – but get that fiber into you. Don’t forget good greens and vegetables- these can be very beneficial.

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Learn more about how to treat hemorrhoids prolapsed, hemorrhoids shrink and prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Learn more about how to treat hemorrhoids prolapsed, hemorrhoids shrink and prolapsed hemorrhoids.

What Are The Symptoms Of Hemroids And How To Treat Them?

Article by Amit

Hemroids, also popular as piles mean the swelling caused in rectum veins occurring inside the anus walls and/or anus openings. Hemroids affect the anal and lower rectal areas of the body. The diseased condition is popular in many parts of the world and primary reason why hemroids happen is because of changes in lifestyle and the food we eat.

Hemroids can be external or internal and in order to know about the symptoms of this disease, it is essential that you take a quick go through in the Hemroids guide. Here are some of the prominent symptoms usually associated with hemroids:

1. Critical pain at the time of passing stool

2. Swollen veins inside and around anus as a result of friction and pressure applied. The rectal veins may also become swollen if you are regularly carrying heavy weights, or even during pregnancy.

3. Pain also persists around in the rectal veins even during walking, standing or even during sitting.

4. Feeling of general discomfort in the anal area which is accompanied by pain.

5. A person affected with hemroids also feels itching and burning in and around the affected area. There can be leakage of blood which renders the situation more problematic as it leads to internal hemroids. During the time of leakage, there will be smell in the stool and mild to profuse bleeding can also occur.

6. In advanced stages of internal hemroids, tissues may rupture and hang out of the anus after passing the stool. This rupture is seen as the result of over excessive and continued strain of anal muscles during the bowel movements.

7. In case of prolapsed hemroids small bunch of tiny grapes occur, which develop inside but are seen outside.

8. A patient with thromboses hemroids would seem big and tight.

9. External hemroids as they develop outside can be felt even when bathing.

Hemroids Treatment

There are many natural and surgical treatments of hemroids available and you have to make sure what kind of hemroids condition you are suffering with. It is very important that you take Hemroids condition seriously, or else you have to suffer lot of chronic stages later when the condition reaches an advanced stage.

As soon as you feel any condition which is similar to hemroids, you should immediately consult the physician. The physician will do the diagnostic tests and suggest methods of treatments. Keep in your mind that you do not start treating hemroids all by yourself as this can be dangerous for your body.

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Causes and Symptoms of Hemroids and how to treat them naturally

Article by Amit Kothiyal

Hemroids is a terrible diseased condition, which occurs in rectum veins. The precise area affected in the disease is varicose veins which lie inside and outside the rectum region. Aggressiveness of the disease will depend upon the total area which is affected by it. In external hemorrhoids there is lot of pain; however pain is not coupled with bleeding most of times. Precisely, it depends upon seriousness of your medical condition. However, in internal hemroids there is profuse bleeding as the vein will start discharging bright red blood that comes out with the stool. Whether it is internal hemroids or external hemroids, there are always principal causes behind the problem.

Hemroids Causes

The principal causes of hemroids include chronic constipation and congestion in the rectum area. It is during this disorder that an individual has to exert tremendous amount of pressure for passing the stool. It is this pressure and congestion that actually leads to varicose veins or hemroids. There are many secondary causes as well which may lead to internal or external hemroids. These include


2.Continuous sitting for long hours or continuous standing

3.General weakness in muscular tissues or even extra strenuous work

4.Eating habits that an individual follows is also one of the common reasons of hemroids.

There are several lines of treatments available for hemroids, but all treatments will depend upon individual case and type of hemroids that a person is suffering from.

Hemroids Natural Treatments

There are several treatments of hemroids available which can be easily performed at home. These include the following:

1.Add PMNO4 in the lukewarm water

2.Go for Hemroid Banding Procedures

3.Use of soothing herbal astringents will tighten the tissues well

4.Drinking tea tree oil will help in letting constipation go down, thus treating Hemroids

Hemroids Symptoms

Symptoms of hemroids are more prominent than its causes. At many points, symptoms blend with causes and therefore, you have to ensure as to what are key hemroids symptoms so that you can start the treatment right away. Listed below are crucial hemroids symptoms:

1.Passage of blood

2.Passage of blood stained stools

3.Pain while passing the stool

4.Mild to aggressive constipation

5.Mild to severe fever

6.Ejecting of mucus from the anus

7.Aggressive pain

As soon as you learn about any symptom or pain, it becomes very important that you consult an expert physician to take future course of action. Treating Hemroids naturally is not a problem provided the situation is under control and is detected on time.

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Bleeding Hemroids – Stop Them Fast

Article by Jenny Schofield

Bleeding hemroids can be a right pain the butt, so knowing how to stop them quickly will be helpful.

Although this problem is an extremely common one in this day and age, most people will feel pretty embarrassed about having to talk to anybody else about it.

The truth is that this does not have to be a serious problem to recover from, as long as you follow the right steps.

There are plenty of hemroids treatments which can help you to stop hemroids bleeding. However not every over the counter treatment will result in the same success for every person suffering from this problem.

Although not dangerous, a lot of people can get a little worried when they start to see a little blood when they go to the toilet. You need to check and see what colour the blood is.

If it is a bright red colour, then you can assume that it is being caused by the symptoms of hemroids. If on the other hand it is a darker colour, then you need to go to see your doctor as soon as possible, as it may turn out to be something more serious.

One of the quickest ways to stop bleeding hemroids is to apply some vitamin K cream to the actual area. This can stop the bleeding pretty quickly.

Apple cider vinegar is another great remedy. Not can it help to stem the flow of blood, but it can help to reduce the swelling as well. All you need to do is to dilute it in some warm water and lightly dab it around the anal area.

Vitamin E cream is very good to prevent the inflammation of the skin, and help to heal the area, which in turn will reduce the chances of any bleeding.

As you can see these are all natural methods. Natural treatments for this problem are very effective for getting rid of it. The other advantage of natural cures is that you will not get any side effects from them.

At the end of the day this condition develops through having a bad lifestyle. An unhealthy diet and inactive lifestyle is the cause in the vast majority of cases.

Start to eat more fibre, especially fresh fruits and vegetables. You should also try high fibre cereals. Also try to get more exercise, especially if your job involves sitting down a lot.

Changing the way you do things will not only stop bleeding hemroids, but will prevent you from ever having to deal with them again.

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