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Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Hemroids

Article by Donald Urquhart

The idea that irritable bowel syndrome and hemroids go together makes sense to a lot of people. After all, they happen in the same area of the body, right? While it’s true that IBS and hemroids are often found together, that’s a rather simplistic explanation for people who have both and are looking for some relief. Does irritable bowel syndrome directly cause hemroids? Do hemroids contribute to irritable bowel syndrome? Do the treatments for one conflict with the treatments for the other? Generalizations don’t work for people looking for concrete answers.

We don’t yet know the exact cause of irritable bowel syndrome. The term “syndrome” means that there’s a group of symptoms that seem to consistently go together, but we don’t know why. Down Syndrome was described first in 1866 because Dr. John Langdon Down noticed that a particular set of symptoms kept coming up. We didn’t know what caused it until Jerome Lejeune discovered a genetic irregularity on the 21st chromosome in 1959, leading to the other name for Down Syndrome, trisomy 21. Coming back to irritable bowel syndrome, there seems to be a link between IBS and your brain, but it’s not yet sturdy enough to hang a diagnosis on.

The way you find out you’ve got irritable bowel syndrome is through a process of elimination. There’s a group of symptoms for IBS, and you have to present with at least three of the symptoms for a period of at least six months. Then, you’ve got to go in to your doctor’s office and get screened for everything else that shares those symptoms. If all of those tests come up negative, then you’ll usually get the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome. It isn’t a whole lot of fun, but that’s how it goes.

There is no direct link between IBS and hemroids. In other words, IBS does not automatically mean that you are going to develop a bumper case of hemroids. However, hemroids are defined as a secondary complication. IBS does cause chronic constipation, chronic diarrhea, or chronic switching back and forth between the two. Those chronic bowel problems can lead to hemroids, especially if you sit and strain on the toilet for too long. The good part about this is that if you can keep constipation and diarrhea under control and avoid straining, you can probably avoid hemroids, too.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a real problem. The symptoms are not in your head, do not mean that you’re crazy and will not go away just by wishing. There are a lot of things you can do to help with it, but there’s no definite cure for it at this time. However, with proper cooperation between you and your doctor, you should be able to control it to a large degree. Carefully investigate all the things that might help. There are a lot of bunk “cures” out there right now, but there are some hidden gems to be found if you do your homework. Take control of your IBS and your life so you can enjoy everything life has to offer.

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