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How to Relieve from Your Hemroids Pain?

Suffering from the unbearable pain of hemroids and you do not exactly know how to ease it and get the slightest of relief from the pain then here’s your rescue.  In this article you can closely acknowledge the causes and treatments of hemroids.

The most obvious and the major causes of hemroids pain are:

Chronic constipation is the most vital cause of hemroids as the hard coming stools lead to the problem because when the pressure is applied it affects the veins of the pelvic area.
Sitting for the long periods leads to hemroids as long working hours lead to the stress on the rectal area causing hemroids pain.
Obesity also causes hemroids as over the counter weight puts the pressure on the veins suggestively on abdomen and pelvic area causing the problem.
Infections in anal canal are another cause of the disease.


Causes can be varied so can be the natural treatments of Hemroids that is why make sure to go for the appropriate Hemroids treatments.

Some of the pain relieving hemroids treatment that can be suggested to get the temporary relief depending upon the stage and appearance of hemroids are:

Prescribe an effective cream available in the market by consulting the well known and experienced doctor.
Eat anti- inflammatory food to avoid any reactions or irritation in the Hemroids causing pain such as fruits, salads, pulses and light food to avoid any further worsening of situation.
Intake of plenty of fluids in the form of water, juices and coconut water helps the problem, so make sure to be hydrated.
Increase the intake of dietary fiber rich foods such as whole grain, fruits etc.
Use a nice ice pack and apply to the affected area of the hemroid.
Have a nice warm water bath and avoid using any form of toxic product.
Apply naturally effective herbs such as aloe vera for the effective effects.

In most cases hemroids occur infrequently, cause little discomfort and disappear with modest treatment but if in some chronically painful situations where these simple suggestions don’t work or give you the appropriately wanted results then rush and consult a physician for the further complex hemroids treatment.

However, some people struggle with hemroids for long periods of time, unable to cope completely, unable to stop the itching, burning sensations and discomfort for a variety of reasons. It is important for all hemroids sufferers to recognize their condition and do whatever they can to ease the symptoms and prevent the agony.


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Natural cure for hemroids- Fast and effective way to relieve

Article by Amit kothiyal

Hemroids is commonly known as piles, which is a chronic disease caused due to the swelling of varicose veins in rectal passage. As these veins get intensely inflamed and puffed they cause problematic disease related issues to its sufferer. A strong friction between swelled veins and hard passing stool enhance suffering of the person. As the disease is intensely daunting and causes discomfort for sufferer its symptoms are not life threatening or hazardous.Hemroids is a painful disease and its occurrence can be an unhygienic affair as in most complex cases it can stain to painless bleeding from the area. It appears in two chronic categories such as:1.Internal Hemroids: In this category hemroids occur inside the rectal passage as the veins become swollen and annoying. In gravest conditions these veins comes out of the rectal opening with its roots remaining inside. 2.External Hemroids: It occurs on the opening of rectal canal as tiny lumps protrude on anal surface. In chronic cases these lumps break down to painful bleeding causing discomfort for the sufferer.The disease requires urgent treatment as the initial symptoms get visible, to avoid any further complexity in the case. The best Hemroids cures to treat the problem from root cause are as mentioned:Treatments that require dietary changes are as mentioned: 1.Increase the intake of fiber rich diet to prevent constipation and to avoid strain on bowel muscles to worsen the case.2.Take plentiful of water every day to avoid dehydration and constipation.3.Have diet avoiding some food substances during hemroids such as nuts, coffee, alcohol and spicy stuff as it may worsen the case.Simple Treatments to Combat Hemroids are as mentioned: 1.Use ice pack on affected area before using warm moist towel to get relief from the pain.2.Avoid using wipes after bowel movement in the condition of hemroids; instead use baby wipes to pat down the area gently.3.Avoid sitting or standing for long period in one direction during hemroids.4.Take sit bath several times a day to feel good on the part suffering.5.Use soaps or body wash that contains dyes and perfumes and switch to less chemical products.6.Avoid cotton clothes, which absorb moisture thus worsens the case of hemroids.In most chronic cases some treatments doesn?t give effective results as the person still suffers from itching, burning, bleeding and pain of hemroids after trying traditional treatments. If these simple remedies don?t come to your rescue then avoid any further delay and consult a physician for expert treatment.

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