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I was asked to comment on a video with Hamza Tzortzis, where he tries to make fellow Muslims feel good about their religion. He defines technology as being based on the Koran. He claims that the legal concept of innocent until proven guilty in a court of law is based on Islamic hadiths and that Islam only spells tolerance. I manage only the first 2 points. Then it gets too much for me. But I reckon it is sufficient to show how this dishonest argumentation and fabrication of claims is simply made up and is not based on the truth or facts. Claims are not backed up by evidence, but wishful thinking and blatant lies. Are Muslims not capable of rational thoughts? Why is Hamza still applauded and cheered on, when all he does is embarrass Islam and lie through his teeth? Just in case anyone has missed it, Hamza constantly adds “he” or “she” to every name he uses. And he uses a lot of names. I make fun of this irritating habit. Why do I seem obsessed with Hamza? He blocked me on his old blog when I tried a civilised conversation with him. Since then, he has blocked me everywhere to avoid my asking uncomfortable questions. He manages to leave comments on my various contact sites and then runs. So what I am trying to do is show others the dishonesty of Hamza and that he has no real arguments for anything – and that he lies. Sources: the video www.youtube.com History Louis IX justus.anglican.org legal principle en.wikipedia.org The article www.globalwebpost.com/farooqm/study_res
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