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tinyurl.com En el mercado de habla hispana, aproximadamente 1 persona cada minuto llega buscando la forma de curar las hemorroides bajo algun método que garantice ante todo eficacia. Padecer de este mal se ha convertido en un verdadero martirio para muchas personas a nivel mundial. Desafortunadamente el ritmo de vida actual, ajetreado y acelerado se ha convertido en el enemigo # 1 de muchas de las personas que hoy en dia padecen de hemorroides. He aqui el porque no ha logrado curar las hemorroides rapidamente. Factor # 1: Estreñimiento Como bien sabras, las hemorroides corresponden a una inflamación en las venas del recto y del ano. Este padecimiento tiene muchas causas, sin embargo, la causa mas común del padecimiento de este mal es el estreñiminento. A partir de ahi usted debería determinar que curar las hemorroides contiene un ingrediente especial: atacar el estreñimiento. Frecuentemente el estreñimiento es producto de inadecuados regímenes alimenticios basados en comidas rapidas, grasas saturadas y baja ingesta de liquidos diariamente. Si usted es consciente de que su alimentación no es la mejor, quiza aqui este la culpa de su problema de hemorroides. Factor # 2: Estres El estres es causante de muchos problemas de salud y las hemorroides no son la excepción. Normalmente cuando el ser humano se encuentra tensionado u estresado, los esfínteres anales inconscientemente también lo hacen y la presión sobre la zona incrementa considerablemente, impidiendo la normal

Treatment Of Hemorrhoids- How To Get Quick Relief

Article by Bello Gbenga

Hemorrhoids are one of the commonest diseases that affect human population, especially adults. It is estimated that about over 50% of human population will be afflicted with Hemorrhoids at one time or the other in their lives. {To Learn more about hemorrhoids get your free book on hemorrhoids here}

Hemorrhoids are caused by abnormal enlargement and inflammation of the veins of the anorectal region of the body. Such Hemorrhoids can be situated either internally or externally to the anal orifice. The external variety is covered with skin while the internal variety lies beneath the anal mucous membranes. The two varieties can occur together at the same time when they are known as interoexternal Hemorrhoids.

Internal hemorrhoids are usually not that painful. Most people who have them never know they have it until when it becomes irritated and it begins to bleed. Many people who have internal hemorrhoids never realize they have them unless they notice blood in their stool or on the toilet tissue after using the toilet.(Learn how to stop bleeding hemorrhoids)

The good news is treatments for hemorrhoids are very accessible as it is a very common disease and most of these treatments come in form of simple home treatments which can be applied by the patients themselves in the comfort and privacy of their homes. To treat mild cases of hemorrhoids you can utilize the following:

1-Suppositories, Creams And Ointments – These can be bought as simple over the counter drugs at your local pharmacy and health shops. They will provide brief relief from the irritation and pain you are experiencing. For best results look for a product that contains hydrocortisone.

2- Witch Hazel – Witch Hazel is a great way to ease the discomfort. The properties in witch hazel are helpful in reducing the swelling. It is applied topically on the hemorrhoid swelling

3-Taking A Stool Softener – A stool softener works to soften the stool so you will not have to strain when using the bathroom. Excessive straining is one of the major causes of hemorrhoids. Another alternative to the use of artificial stool softeners is to consume a lot of high fiber foods like vegetables and fruits. {Learn more about 5 vegetables and fruits that can ensure that you never experience hemorrhoid symptoms again }

4-Sitz Baths – Warm baths have been proven to take down hemorrhoid swelling and also reduce the pain in the area. For best results you should take 2-3 daily for 10 to 15 minutes each. If you like, you can add a little witch hazel to the water to help speed up the healing process.

5-Avoid Putting Pressure on the Butt Area – If at all possible you should avoid putting excessive pressure on the area for long periods of time. If you work in a position that requires you to sit for hours on end, be sure to get up every hour or so for a few minutes. You can also use an inflatable pillow ring to reduce frictional pressure on your bum while you are sitting down.

If you follow these treatments for hemorrhoids, you should notice improvement in your condition within a matter of days. However these measures work best for mild cases of hemorrhoids, their use in the more chronic and severe cases of hemorrhoid only give temporary symptomatic relief without getting to the real roots of the hemorrhoids.

To keep them from recurring, you should drink plenty of water and eat a high fiber diet to maintain a healthy digestive and excretory system. {Learn more about the best hemorrhoid diet here}

Most times for the treatment of the more chronic type you might be advised by your doctor to opt for surgery and some medical procedures. However these forms of treatment are very stressful and they do not give cure all the time, so it is very advisable to try using a well packaged and tested natural home product which have a natural method of healing and which has been testified by a lot of sufferers like you to have given them total cure. This method was developed by a former hemorrhoid sufferer that was also cured by the same formula.

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