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Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal complaints presented by patients attending a majority of health care practices worldwide. This condition is more common amongst the very young and elderly or infirm. Both chronic and acute constipation can be a significant source of discomfort. In this show, Mr. Mazhar Rana highlights this condition and steps people can take to prevent constipation. Also discussed are the dietary needs and simple home remedies to treat this condition. If you find this or our other shows informative, please do leave some feed back which will help us further improve the quality of our shows, Thank you.
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Rock N Roll Rehab Show – Part 8 – Growing Old – Greg Piper and The Tooners – www.RockNRollRehab.com The Tooners performing “Growing Old” of their Rock N Roll Rehab Show, which ran 8 weeks at the Hayworth Theater in Los Angeles. Greg Piper, Neal Warner and Pat Meehan are die-hard Rockaholics and are the founders of ‘Rock N Roll Rehab’, the 12 step program for those wanting to kick. Show the world you’ll never give up rock n roll by joining the club at www.RockNRollRehab.com Interior of health club gym appears on screen. ANNOUNCER (VO) At Rock and Roll Rehab we not only change your mental attitude, but your physical appearance as well. Bob is in a tank top, working out with the weights when two attractive women notice his rock & roll tattoos. Close up on Bob’s Grateful Dead skull tattoo. ANNOUNCER (VO) Change that dated look to one that commands respect. The Grateful Dead skull tattoo dissolves into a 101st Airborne “Death From Above” skull tattoo. Women are now standing around Bob watching with admiration as he still struggles to lift the weights, but now they think he’s a macho vet. A phone number flashes on the screen. ANNOUNCER (cont’d) At Rock and Roll Rehab it’s never too late to get up to date. Call now! The screen fades out and the bands’ lights come up. Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll scroll across the screen. GREG Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Rock and roll is not just a form of music, it’s a lifestyle, an attitude. There have been rock stars before the music even
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I Recommend: -:( tinyurl.com ):- The other treatment available is shallow bath method. In this method the suffering patient has to dip his affected portion into water that contains iodine crystals. This provides a soothing effect to anus area and also repairs the ruptured tissues, but one has to regularly soak in shallow bath for fifteen to twenty minutes. Pain and swelling can also be reduced with hazels that contain astringent and the analgesics but more precautions have to be taken while using these creams. The next method that is very common is a mixture of germanium oil with almond oil. In this natural method, proper ratio of these two oils is mixed. After mixing thoroughly, apply it with the help of fingertips to affected areas around the anus. This helps in killing the germs and keeps the area at a low temperature. This mixture also enables the patient to pass fecal smoothly without applying more pressure. Ice Pack is another natural method that helps in relieving the symptoms of hemorrhoids. This pack can be prepared at home by taking small ice pieces in a bag and place the bag on to the effected area and replace the ice cubes every after half an hour, so that the bag remains cold. Nowadays, ice gel packs are also readily available in leading medical stores and can be used for treating hemorrhoids. Repeat this procedure until you get complete relief. Be careful not to insert ice directly into the rectum with out wrapping in cloth, because you may burn your skin
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