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Bleeding Hemorrhoids – The Next Step

Article by Jamie R Lee

The symptoms of hemorrhoids and bleeding aren’t always shown in the same scenario. However, blood is a common characteristic that alerts sufferers to an issue – to the extent they begin determining what the actual issue is. Today we’ll be finding the real information about bleedin hemroids (bleeding hemorrhoids) and why it’s so important you cure it.

“It doesn’t matter what the scenario, bloodloss is a serious case. Piles is undoubtedly no different.”

Internal and external piles can all lead to bleeding. The Essential question then is, what really causes bloodloss?

See below, for the stages leading up to bleeding:

Symptoms of Piles/ Extra Information

1. Excess stress is placed on the varicose veins ? Whether through heavy exercising, constipation, pregnancy or an unhealthy diet

2. Depending on the duration and severity, the strain may develop into a case of hemorrhoids. Generally speaking, if you are losing blood you have a severe case. It’s either explained by a consistently adverse lifestyle – atleast on your body – or a one-off experience such as pregnancy.

3. When the vein is put under constant stress beyond protruding into the anal canal, it becomes perforated and begins to bleed.

Hemorrhoids can most often be remedied before the point of blood loss but what happens if, for whatever reason, you only discovered piles when the lavatory turned red?

Don’t worry if you didn’t realise you have hemorrhoids before bleeding, hemorrhoids usually begin existence under a sneaky veil of secrecy. In my experience researching this, hemorrhoids will lay innocuously in the background of your life before acquainting you with a sudden, jarring pain.

Also, if you’re a person who was simply too overwhelmed by the prospect of having some ‘big problem’ I want to assure you that we’ve all been there. You’re doing the correct thing now by reading articles about the problem. There are many options for you.

Natural Cures For Bleeding Piles

Organic Solutions/ Notes

Comfrey – Comfrey is a popular plant that heals wounds and regenerates new cell development.

Dried Seed Of Mango – 1/2 gram of mango seed with honey on your ready brek is the healthiest way to start your day.

Apple Cider Vinegar – This is a simple but great little add-on to the food you eat throughout the day.

Cotton Ball Douse In Vinegar – Apply this to mitigate itching and burning sensations.

Aloe Vera – I’ve been using this for years, it’s great for inflamed areas.

Witch Hazel – Witch hazel is a also very effective for inflamed regions of your body.

Dry Figs – Drenching dry figs in water over night and consumed on an empty stomach in the start of your day is a good home remedy.

Sitz Baths (Herbal) – Sitz baths are probably the most popular home remedy for hemorrhoids. Why? Because that what doctors recommend you do! Not only are they great for hemmorhoids, but they are great for the pain.

Kegel Exercises – Physically stressful experiences such as the birth of a child take their toll of the muscles in and around your pelvis. Aside from fending off hemorrhoids, kegel exercises give you greater control of your bladder ? very important as you get older as coughing and sneezing often leads to incontinence.

As a last little tip, make sure there is plenty of fiber in your eating habits.

Inorganic Options/ Further Information

Surgery ?

Surgery should always be the last avenue when it comes to healing piles. For this article, surgery is too big of a topic to do it justice here.

Creams/ Ointments ?

Creams and ointments are a very common choice for people suffering with bleeding hemorrhoids. I won’t detail this subject either becasue it is so huge. It’s better if I encourage you to find an article specifically about creams and ointments – Google’s the best place to start.

Reasons For Bleeding?

Uncontrollable Constipation –

Unluckily, constipation is both a symptom and a reason for having hemorrhoids in the first place. Over time the results can be compared to pregnancy, which I outline in just a minute. It can be attributed to unhealthy levels of exertion.

Pregnancy ?

As I have said, strain is the problem. Physical stress cannot be averted during the birth of a child, and mother nature has seen to it that women are equipped to be able to cope with the sudden, intense stress. But each and every child birth is unlike the other.

We can endure only up to a degree, and child birth is a perfect example of when our bodies can reach their limit.

Exercise (Lack There of) –

I would hazard a guess that this is the main reason why people suffer with hemorrhoids – A lack of exercise leads on to so many issues health related. And I’m not talking about forgetting your bank holiday bike ride down the track. I believe that unless exercise becomes a part of your lifestyle, your health deteriorates. For many folks, exercise is the nature of their work, for others, it’s based in and out of work, or perhaps you head to the gym every weekend for a heavy duty regime. In the end what matters is that you enjoy the exercise. This way it is great for your head AND your heart.

Bad Circulation –

Bad circulation has more than one adverse consequence. It causes pain in your fingers and toes, it slows down your reflexes, and your muscles deteriorate over time.

Inevitably, poor circulation also finds it’s way to hemorrhoids. If you think this is an issue you have I suggest you see your doctor.

Bonus Suggestions:

* Water is truly the elixir of life – drink it, then drink it some more

* Clothes that don’t hug too tightly give you some breathing space

* Refrain from being seated for long periods of time; particularly when using the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet for long periods of time places a lot of pressure on the rectal veins ? which leads to hemorrhoids!

Scenarios That Promote Rectal Bleeding:

Disorders (Potentially)/ More Data

Varicose veins – Swollen varicose veins become hemorrhoids for the reasons already outlined in this article.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease –

— Diverticulitis, this is when small pockets are formed in the intestines.

— Colitis, pain and bleeding result from ulcers formed due to the wearing away of the rectal/colon wall.

Celiac Disease –

Celiac/ coeliac disease finds the small intestines incapacitated and unable to extract nutrients from food.

Fistulas –

Problematic links between cell-lined organs/vessels that never connect under normal health conditions. The best solution to these is to change your eating habits but see your physician first is there are any issues.

Fissures –

A fissure is a tear within the foremost layer of the intestinal wall. (intestinal mucosa).

Polyps –

Polyps are very unsafe because they can turn cancerous. If you feel an unusual lump, contact your doctor immediately.

Prolapses –

These are usually referred to as external piles. The elasticity of the varicose vein has gone and it becomes physically visable.

If these topics resonate with you, I recommend a quick search on Google for a specific term.

If you are on concerned with hemorrhoids, however, focus your energies on varicose veins and prolapses alone.

As I always say, the very best initial decision you can make regarding your health is to go and see your doctor.

About the Author

Jamie Lee is a health expert. For more helpful tips on the bleeding hemorrhoid, visit http://www.pilesfree.com.