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www.needhemorrhoidhelp.com Need Hemorrhoid Help-Where to start? This is the story of one woman’s quest to find a natural treatment for hemorrhoids and the pain and itching they cause.

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Symptoms Of Hemroids – What 10 Million People Need To Know

Article by Rachel Rich

Don’t Be The Wrong Statistic

US hemroids prevalence was 4.4% in 2006, that’s an incredible 13 million people out of the 298 million population then. 1 million new cases crop up yearly. Nonetheless, countless people disregard the symptoms of hemroids leading to disproportionately small numbers seeing a doctor for medical treatment, with postulations ranging from half to three million per year. 10 million people, oddly, neglect the symptoms! Granted that the death toll where the underlying cause is blamed on hemroids is quite low, at less than 20 deaths per 100,000, but that is certainly no reason to be complacent.

Most crucially, early detection and relevant treatment accelerates the healing of hemroids. The prospect of comprehensive healing is a extremely splendid rationale to act rapidly. Having hemroids may be of immense relief, as the other likely causes may need protracted medical attention or be life-threatening.

Life-endangering – True or False?

Symptoms of hemroids, chiefly blood in stool or bowel movement bleeding, can be much alike a whole lot of other medical conditions. It is no myth. A few of these conditions can lead to critical repercussions.

Depending on the afflicted organ, these other infirmities can be separated into 2 broad genres. There are 7 other predominant infirmities in the colon, namely Crohn’s disease, colorectal cancer, colon polyp, diverticulosis, intestinal ischemia, peptic ulcer and ulcerative colitis. 4 other main conditions may appear in the rectum; rectal prolapse, proctitis, anorectal fistulae and anal fissures.

Alarming life-threatening complications can crop up from SOME of these other illnesses. In this case, following the majority of 10 million people in taking no notice of the symptoms of hemroids can have serious results.

If bleeding drags on over a week, its a good idea to quickly see a medical doctor. Once hemroids are confirmed, the symptoms explained below will manifest as well.

Piles, Hemorrhoids, Haemorrhoids or Hemroids – Same Symptoms

Derived from haimorrhoos, a Greek word meaning flowing with blood, hemroids (misspelling), hemorrhoids (US spelling) and haemorrhoids (UK spelling) all describe the same thing. More habitually known all over the world is the name piles, believed to be derived from the Latin word pila which means ball.

14th century English surgeon, Ardene is believed to have said “The common people call them piles, the aristocracy call them haemorrhoids, the French call them figs – what does it matter so long as you can cure them?”.

Before elaborating on other symptoms of hemroids, we must know the differing medical words that denote a line demarcating the end of the rectum and the starting point of the anal canal. The pectinate line or dentate line or anal verge or anorectal junction all refer to the same boundary between the rectum (where internal hemroids grow) and the anus (where external hemroids develop).

The difference that is more important to the hemroid sufferer is that there are relatively few pain nerve endings above the line, verge or junction and a great number outside the boundary. External hemroids can therefore be very painful whilst internal hemroids may berelatively pain-free. The pain threshold of individual hemroid sufferers often dictates the remedies they seek, be it mainstream medicine or alternative methods.

Symptoms Of Hemroids – Internal

The most typical symptom of internal hemroids is rectal bleeding, also known as bowel movement bleeding or blood in stool. Stool surfaces may be coated with blood, toilet tissue stained and red droplets fall into the toilet bowl.

Bulging movements of internal hemroids during defecation clearly betray the existence of hemroids. Medical researchers classify bulging internal hemroids according to 4 stages of prolapse or protrusion: a first-degree hemroid bulges into the anal canal; a 2nd degree hemroid bulges from the anus, then retracts itself; a 3rd degree hemroid bulges from the anus and must be manually pushed back in; a fourth-degree internal hemroid bulges out from the anus permanently.

Typically not painful (as internal hemroids form above the dentate line) but the larger ones can protrude and be painfully squashed by the anal sphincter muscles that control the anal opening. Emergency medical treatment may be required if strangulated hemroids occur, depriving the surrounding tissue of blood supply as well.

Itchiness, skin irritation, anal lumps, rectal lumps and the uncomfortable urge to pass stools just after cleaning up from bowel motion are other normal symptoms of internal hemroids. Where the hemroid is extremely huge and near the anus, the feeling of unfinished bowel motion is greatly boosted.

Symptoms Of Hemroids – External

Anal pain is the distinctive feature between internal and external hemroids as the latter is located outside the pectinate line where there are many pain nerve receptors.

The body’s circulatory system may be slowed by thrombosis which plagues external hemroids with thrombuses or blood clots. This thrombosed hemroid can cause detrimental inflammation in the entire anal and rectal regions.

External hemroids can result in constant irritation unlike internal hemroids which sometimes go undetected as the symptoms are less overt. A vicious recurring cycle of hemroid recurrence can set in if the anal region is overly cleaned.

Joining The 10 Million Ignoring The Symptoms Of Hemroids?

Are you one of the 10 million majority? Recognizing a problem is half the battle won.

So it is with hemroids. At times, it can be serious and needs medical attention. But usually, the treatment is fairly straightforward. Typical medical methods abound but prominent alternative solutions like H Miracle have many adherents who proclaim it as a natural and permanent answer to prevent the recurrence of hemroids.

Symptoms Of Hemroids – What They Mean

About the Author

Rachel Rich is an passionate supporter of natural remedies and cures before manufactured pharmaceutical prescriptions as these often have incidental effects that are not well made public. Her active cynicism about big pharma’s commercial declarations translates into positive stamina that drives her into very methodical fact-finding before acquiring any product. Her advice are featured at The Treatment of Hemorrhoid Site.

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