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[Verse Six: Inspecktah Deck] I set the mic in flames, my name’s INS the Rebel Murder one style, smash piles straight to pebbles Mental terrorist, specialist at this Menacing lyricist, leave crews defenseless Can’t design landmines, lick of like nines To paralyze everything, ears ring like doorknobs Heads start to turn like police who pass Hear the blast, my crew bust through like tear gas Fuck a mask, we laced in place like the marshall Sparkle, like live but harder than tarvue Wreck this rhyme, start relentless, roughest And fuck up the party for you paying muthafuckas Once I commence for you ladies and gents I kick rhymes, sharper than barbwire fence The live and direct, from Killah Hill Project Staten Island, New York you can’t help but to hawk Lay it on your dental, that’s if you want it hostile Sounds so underground I write my rhymes on fossil Dudes like this, force me to get you open Lyrically wet you open, until you soaking
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