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Medical Treatments for Hemorrhoids

Article by Russ Erikson88

Hemorrhoids are actually inflamed and swollen blood vessels located in the anal canal which help in controlling bowel movement. This is a concern for medical attention that needs hemorrhoid treatment.
There are two types of hemorrhoids and these are internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids is more painful compared to internal hemorrhoids. There are several causes of hemorrhoids, some of which are pregnancy, obesity, diarrhea, and constipation. The symptoms of this medical condition are itching, severe pain, and bleeding but one symptom may present itself without the other. In conditions when the swelling is severe, hemorrhoid treatment by surgery is considered, but only as a last option.
It must be noted that there are no known medications to cure hemorrhoids. The only way to relieve the problem is by undergoing hemorrhoid treatment to its symptoms. For example, there are supplements that help in regulating bowel movement as well as blood circulation that strengthens the vein walls. This prevents hemorrhoids from rupturing.
If these methods do not work because of the severity of the condition, a more serious hemorrhoid treatment can be considered. Surgery is the only effective solution to severe cases of the hemorrhoids. Among the minimally invasive hemorrhoid treatment available is the galvanic electrotherapy where the affected area is desiccated and dried up by using electric currents. Another hemorrhoid treatment is scelerotherapy where a hardening formula is injected into the affected area. This makes the veins stronger, preventing it from rupturing.
People suffering from this condition may also opt for enema. It is the process of injecting fluid into the rectum to clean the bowels. While the procedure is not specifically invented for hemorrhoids, it is medically considered to be another hemorrhoid treatment. The other more drastic measures include hemorrhoidectomy. It is a surgical procedure that removes the hemorrhoids altogether. There is another hemorrhoid treatment called infrared coagulation which uses infrared beams to burn the hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoid treatment can be applied to conditions that are not very severe. For more serious cases, a more drastic action must be taken. Consult with a doctor before deciding to burn your skin using infrared or cut off a piece of your body through surgery.
To avoid hemorrhoids, you must eat a lot of fibrous food, drink plenty of water to avoid constipation, and wash the anal area every time you sit on the throne. Remember that prevention is always better than cure.

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Cure Hemorrhoids – Best Medical Treatment For Hemorrhoids

Article by Stewart C

Treating hemorrhoids focus on relieving its symptomatic discomforts. Depending on its severity, medical treatments will vary in cost and efficacy. In addition various cultures and individual preferences create different treatment approaches to hemorrhoids. In many occasions, hemorrhoids can be mild and last briefly with little or no medical intervention. To date, there are no known medical cures for hemorrhoids. Treatment is basically aimed at relieving discomforts in the form of bleeding and painful inflammation.

Home Medication
In its early stages of prolapse, the discomforts can be alleviated at home with local treatments involving:
– warm sitz bath
– Using a bidet
– Cold compress
– Topical application of analgesic creams like Zenmed Ziro.

In more advance stages where external hemorrhoids with a small visible lump you can see and feel in the anal area, a warm bath can relax the rectal vessels and provide temporary relief.

Over-the-counter anti-hemorrhoidal creams and ointments topically applied over the hemorrhoid tissue have been known to shrink hemorrhoids, provide relief and even prevent worsening hemorrhoidal tissue growth. Consistent application over a period of time has been known to be effective in providing lasting relief and staving off further hemorrhoid growth. Just be wary about topical medication formulated with steroids as they weaken the skin and may further aggravate hemorrhoid outbreaks.

Out-Patient And Hospital Treatment
1. Ligation with rubber band, also known as Baron ligation, involves the use of elastic rubber bands applied around an internal hemorrhoid to restrict its blood supply. In a few days, the hemorrhoid whither and is slouched off as excrement

2. Hemorrhoidolysis or Galvanic Electrotherapy involves desiccating the hemorrhoid outgrowth by electric current.

3. Sclerotherapy or injection therapy involved injecting sclerosant or a hardening agent into the hemorrhoid tissue causing it to shrivel up.

4. Cryosurgery uses a cryoprobe?s frozen tip to destroy hemorrhoid tissue masses. This procedure is rarely performed these days due to its unwanted side effects.

5. Hemorrhoidectomy is the last resort involving surgery to excise hemorrhoid tissues. Due to severe pain during recovery and its correlation with incontinence later on, this procedure is only recommended for the treatment of hemorrhoid in its most severe case (grade IV).

6. BICAP coagulation, Laser or Infrared uses an infrared beam or electric current that cauterizes the hemorrhoid tissues. The use of Lasers is less popular. Infrared coagulation has been found to be just as effective in relieving hemorrhoid discomforts up to severity grade III and is now the most widely used non-surgical medical treatment for severe hemorrhoids in the US.

7. Enema is a clinical procedure to clean the rectum where water is forced into the rectum and then flushed out, cleaning the rectal colon in the process.

8. Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy is meant for bleeding hemorrhoids that protrude out of the anus in its earlier stages. It involves using a specially designed circular stapler inserted into the rectum that excises a circular rectal tissue above the hemorrhoid growth. It pulls back the protruding tissue into the anal canal and cuts the blood flow into the hemorrhoid that eventually shrinks. It is considered less painful than surgical excision of hemorrhoids with faster healing.

9. Doppler Guided Hemorrhoid Artery Ligation technique is an out-patient clinical procedure that does not require removal of the hemorrhoid tissue. It uses a special proctoscope equipped with a Doppler transducer that enables suture ligation of the hemorrhoid blood vessels. This can be applied to all severity cases of hemorrhoids.

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Over-the-counter hemorrhoid treatment is another common option besides surgery. Read the hemorrhoids articles and hemorrhoids product reviews to get latest information on a range of brands that offer effective treatment.