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Mayinglong Musk Hemorrhoids Ointment Cream Value Pack – 3x 10 Grams

  • Please read product information on delivery. Consult a physician if any questions
  • Promptly relieves itching, burning, and discomfort
  • Removes putrid tissues and promote new tissue growth
  • Shrinks swollen hemorrhoidal tissues. Heals anal fissures fast
  • Value 3 Packs,

It is in slightly grey-yellow or pink color, with fragrant smell and cool feeling. The hemorrhoids ointment clears away heat and toxic material, removes the putrid tissues and stimulates the new tissue growth. It can be used to relieve hemorrhoidal pain, to shrinks swollen hemorrhoidal tissues and to heal anal fissure.

List Price: $ 4.84

Price: $ 4.84

Anuice – FDA Approved Medical Device for Hemorrhoid Treatment

  • FDA Approved
  • Cool Cryotherapy Relief for home treatment of Hemorrhoids
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Recommended by doctors in many countries
  • Made in the USA

According to statistics, 70% of the adult global population suffer from hemorrhoids at some point.

What is Anuice®?

Anuice® is a cryogenic (cold applicator) device made of hospital grade plastic. It contains a substance that can freeze rapidly by placing it in the freezer inside a special container (included). When cold, it is applied directly to the swollen hemorrhoidal area, providing extreme but controlled cold during an 8-10 minute lapse. The device prevents the low temperatures from causing tissue burns. This treatment, recommended by doctors in many countries, relieves the painful discomfort of hemorrhoids, by reducing the inflammation. The application of this cold temperature to the affected tissue is known as cryotherapy. Anuice® is the only product that utilizes cryotherapy to treat and heal hemorrhoids.

The process that makes hemorrhoids disappear is known as cryocoagulation, and Anuice is the only product in the world that offers the possibility of using it in the

List Price: $ 39.95

Price: $ 39.95

High Strength Fargelin 36 Tablets per bottle

  • Act as a natural anesthetic to make bowel movements more comfortable
  • Lubricate the sensitive passage ways.
  • Restores normal blood flow to the rectal area
  • Repair and accelerate healing of torn or damaged tissue.
  • Calm inflamed tissue immediately upon contact

High Strength Fargelin is an improved recipe over the former “Fargelin”. It is made from superior quality Chinese ingredients, which have been scientifically processed in keeping with Chinese herbal principles.

List Price: $ 8.99

Price: $ 3.99

Tucks Medicated Witch Hazel Hemorrhoidal Pads, 100 Count Pads

  • 100-count box
  • Help relieve irritation and burning due to hemorrhoids
  • Safe for septic and sewer systems
  • Bio-degradable, hypo-allergenic and dye-free
  • Contain Witch Hazel

Hemorrhoidal Pads with Witch Hazel. Cooling, soothing, pH balanced. For hemorrhoidal and vaginal care. You can rely on Tucks Pads for immediate relief from itching, burning and irritation. Tucks Pads are safe for septic and sewer systems. Tucks Pads decom

List Price: $ 8.74

Price: $ 3.75

CryoStat Hemorrhoid Relief Cold Therapy Packs

  • Non-toxic formula.
  • Includes 6 disposable cold therapy packs.
  • Extinguishes itching and burning and shrinks swollen tissues.
  • Soft cloth wrap keeps freezing moisture away from the skin.

Extinguishes itching & burning. Shrinks swollen tissues. Disposable, soft-cloth cold therapy packs. Instant relief, no mess! Doctor recommended therapy. Easy to use. No mess technology. No unpleasant smell. Cryostat is for hemorrhoid sufferers who have not found relief from messy creams, gels or wipes. Cryostat targets swelling with cooling comfort to provide prompt, soothing relief from the itching, burning, pain and swelling caused by hemorrhoids. Each soft-cloth cold therapy pack contains a unique, non-toxic formula. It is designed for applying cold therapy directly to swollen hemorrhoidal tissues. Cryostat targets swollen tissues with cooling comfort (cold therapy). Reduces swollen tissue. Extinguishes itching and burning. Cryostat is fast-acting cold therapy! Cold therapy is recommended by doctors for the relief from the itching and burning of hemorrhoids. Cryostat’s unique technology offers cold therapy in a convenient, no-mess soft-cloth pack. Cryostat stays cold throughout the

List Price: $ 17.98

Price: $ 0.01


Learning to live with hemorrhoids

Those are called hemorrhoids veins located near the anus or inside the rectum, which have been swollen by abnormal accumulation of blood because of too high pressure, in a repeatedly occurs inside. If hemorrhoids occur inside the rectum (internal hemorrhoids) do not cause pain, but sometimes give rise to significant bleeding. The veins inside the rectum can stretch and even get out of the year, in which case they can be painful. In this circumstance we say that we have a prolapsed hemorrhoid, which itself can return to your site.
Hemorrhoids that are outside the anus are easy to see and feel. The swollen veins may bleed if scratched or broken by straining, rubbing or wiping. It may sometimes itch, and sometimes tear and bleed. If a blood clot, the patient will notice a tender lump in the anal verge.

Several factors
In general, the causes of their emergence is the effort made during defecation and, in most cases, a persistent constipation. It is said that everyone has hemorrhoids at some point in their lives, although several studies show that about 50% of people over age 40 suffer from this disorder. In any case, there are certain factors that contribute to osteoporosis, primarily a diet low in fiber, which leads to the presence of small, hard stools during defecation may injure the sphincter in its path, so the have pain that often inhibits the following depositions, which ends up compounding the problem.
Pregnancy also acts as a trigger for hemorrhoids, because during the last period of pregnancy the presence of the fetus in the uterus tends to hinder the return of blood flow through the veins of the ventral. Also, constipation is a common phenomenon seen during pregnancy, laxity acquiring muscles of the digestive tract, a fact which is compounded to the end because of the pressure of the uterus to grow. However, this predisposition to hemorrhoids go away after delivery, since all the varices were deflated and become less bothersome.
Another cause of hemorrhoids is in anal infection or sit still for too long periods of time. In some cases it may be a consequence of other diseases such as liver cirrhosis.

Bowel movements
The main symptom of hemorrhoids is the loss of blood in the stool, which can be perceived as spots in the stool or on toilet paper or slight bleeding may occur for a minute or more after the deposition. Moreover, bowel movements can be uncomfortable or even painful.
However, if anal bleeding should consult a doctor as it may be associated with other diseases.


how to cure hemorrhoids


Sitz bath
It is a bath alternating warm and cold water is taken in a sitting position, covering only hips and buttocks. It can be used for either healing or hygiene purposes. Water can contain herbs, astringent, anti-inflammatory and / or fabric softener. It may also include some antiseptic if bleeding or anal fissures or fistulas.
This bath is used to relieve pain, itching, or muscle spasms.


– The prevention of hemorrhoids, experts recommend a diet rich in fiber, because there are so loose stools.
– In the presence of hemorrhoids is important to clean, gently after each bowel movement using soft paper wet and soapy water.
– If you suffer an attack very painful, almost always caused by thrombosis, it should stay in bed for a day and try to ease the pain with paracetamol, taking a dose every four hours.
– To avoid ignition of exposed piles can be applied ice pack, or soaked with witch hazel, or a warm salt bath.
– If the pain lasts for more than twelve hours is advisable to consult with your doctor or pharmacist, who will advise the use of ointments or suppositories, ointments but is most common, with soothing, anesthetic or anti-inflammatory.
– If you still have constipation should seek the causes of their appearance and treat it, perhaps with the use of laxatives, always consult your doctor or pharmacist.
– If the problem continues, there are two active treatments that do not require hospitalization: the first is to inject in their own emorroides, a special agent with astringent, the second is a method called cryosurgery, which destroys the tissue injured by freezing. However, in many cases we must resort to hemorrhoid removal by surgery known as hemorrhoidectomy.


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