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Rubber Band Ligation Possible Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Article by G. L. Davis

<u>Rubber Band Ligation. </u>

Did your Doctor explain what a Rubber Band Ligation procedure is? Or maybe I should have asked if he explained in simple terms so you can understand it? Rubber Band Ligation is also known as Hemorrhoid Banding.

This procedure is only for internal hemorrhoids. Do you know what kind of hemorrhoids you have? Internal or external requires different procedures. This has to be done by a surgeon. Hemorrhoids are measured in degrees, and if yours is at the second degree this procedure can be considered. The recovery time is approximately three to five days. This is not a cure all procedure, the success rate is 50 to 70 percent, therefore <u>you can expect that the hemorrhoid may return.</u>

Does a surgical procedure scare you? This is truly a medical procedure and should be taken seriously. Here is exactly what you can expect.

1. You will be awake during the operation. The doctor will have you lie on your side and pull your knees up to your chest.2. A proctoscope is inserted to open your rectum. Forceps are used so the ligator (instrument with the rubber band) can line up with the hemorrhoid.3. This position allows the doctor to place a small rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoid. The placement of the rubber band will in time cut off the blood from the hemorrhoid so that it gets dry and falls off.

There are possible side effects: The rubber band can break or slip causing pain and an infection at the site of the surgery. Remember this procedure is not a solution to keep hemorrhoids from happening again.

No surgery and no drugs can guarantee to stop hemorrhoids. Therefore educate yourself on prevention is the best solution. Education may even mean you will not have to do this surgery at all. Get informed. http://visit-hemorrhoidmiracle.blogspot.com/”>Treatment for hemorrhoids is the best choice if you treat it in time.

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