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Hemorrhoidal Artery Ligation & RectoAnal Repair For Grade IV Hemorrhoids.HAL-RAR is an evidenced based procedure with following advantages to the patient with Grade I to Grade IV Hemorrhoiods : It is performed by identifying the feeding vessel and ligating under Doppler guidance , and lifting the prolapsed mucosa and performing a mucopexy Best for Bleeding Piles i. Easy to perform ii. No Anesthesai Required iii. No Hospital Stay iv. No Complications known v. Can be treated on OPD basis Visit : www.ratandeep.com http for more details…..

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Watch out the rubber band ligation procedures of hemorrhoids, it has a success rate of about 88%. The patient is laid down in the same position as we do per rectum examination, lie onleft side, with right knee drawn up,left leg straight and buttocks projecting over the operating table. A proctoscope is inserted into the anus to see hemorrhoid. The hemorrhoid is holded by forceps and made to move into the cylindrical opening of the ligator. The ligator is then pushed up, upto the base of the hemorrhoid, and the rubber band is applied. Rubber band cuts off circulation, hemorrhoid falls off after getting necroses and comes out by bowel movements. We are highly thankful to Dr Ritesh Pathak, Dr Ajay Agarwal and Dr Saurabh Kale.

www.houstoncolon.com Rubber Band Ligation (or RBL) is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive treatment option for internal hemorrhoids that protrude with bowel movements. A rubber band is placed over the hemorrhoid, cutting off blood supply until eventually – both the band and the hemorrhoid fall off during bowel movement. For more detailed information on hemorrhoid treatments available at Colorectal Surgical Associates in Houston – please visit our website or contact us directly at: (713) 790-0600.

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I Recommend: -:( tinyurl.com ):- Rubber Band Ligation – Internal Hemorrhoids Rubber band ligation is an outpatient treatment for second-degree internal hemorrhoids. In this procedure, a small band is applied to the base of the hemorrhoid, stopping the blood supply to the hemorrhoidal mass. The hemorrhoid will then shrivel and die within 2 to 7 days. The shriveled hemorrhoid and band will fall off during normal bowel movements. Rubber band ligation is a popular procedure, as it involves less pain than surgical treatments of hemorrhoids, as well as a shorter recovery period. Its success rate is between 60 and 80percent. . . History. . Ligation of hemorrhoids was first recorded by Hippocrates in 460 BC, who wrote about using thread to tie off hemorrhoids. In modern history, ligation using rubber band was introduced in 1958 by Blaisdell and refined in 1963 by Barron, who introduced a mechanical device called the Barron ligator. . . Procedure. . Rubber band ligation procedure is as follows. . Pre-treatment diagnosis and prescribed medications After diagnosis of the second-degree hemorrhoid, antibiotics are often prescribed, especially to patients with immune deficiency or other medical conditions. Sometimes, a couple weeks of Mesalamine is prescribed prior to the rubber band ligation procedure. . . Positioning. . The patient is laid down on the left side, with knees drawn up and buttocks projecting over the operating table. Application of the band A proctoscope is inserted
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