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This is an update on Duncan, my 2001 American Paint Horse gelding. If you watched my previous Duncan video, this will make a whole lot more sense (see the Duncan playlist). The opening footage, from July 7, is from Duncan’s appointment with Dr. Donaldson of Unionville Equine Associates as he and his staff used the Lameness Locator to narrow down the source of the problem. The first footage of the assistant jogging Duncan shows the early phases of assessment (you probably will notice the sensors on his head, leg, hind end, etc. as you watch). The second time you see him jogged is one of the last times he was jogged, following a few rounds of nerve blocking in the right front and left hind to narrow down the source of the issue. You should be able to observe a considerable difference in his movement. Once it was narrowed down to a specific area in the right front, radiographs were taken, and the lesion on his navicular bone was discovered. During July and August, as I worked on saving up money to pursue treatment, Duncan was turned out in Soft Ride boots on his front feet. I hand walked him for exercise in the indoor, which has really nice footing. He was on a low dose of bute. After discussing some treatment options with people I know who have had horses with navicular, people on Youtube who have dealt with it, professionals, etc., it seemed logical to put him in shoes that would provide sufficient support. Duncan has never been in shoes in his entire life (a lot of people
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