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cure-hemorrhoids1.com – One of the most common conditions that inflict the people of America today is Haemorrhoids. But surprisingly, though it is so common, people are extremely uncomfortable talking about it and prefer to keep it a private matter, even though they are aware that there is help at hand, if they only choose to reach out. Haemorrhoids can make your daily existence hell.
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helpforhemorrhoids.org If you are troubled by Hemorrhoids, opting for a Hemorrhoid Cream can be of great help. If you are hesitant to try chemical based formulas, you can opt for a cream based on natural products. The creams for Hemorrhoids are specially formulated to provide relief from itching, swelling and pain caused by Hemorrhoids. Make a choice depending upon your intensity of symptoms and need for treatment.

www.naturalhemorrhoidscurehelp.com Not all hemorrhoids are painful. It depends on the types of hemorrhoids that a person suffers from. Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that fill the inner lining of the lower part of the rectum s well as at the anus. The former is termed internal hemorrhoids but if these get pushed out of the anus as a result of straining, they are called prolapsed hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids are found outside the anus. Normally internal hemorrhoids as such are not painful. The only obvious sign of internal hemorrhoids would be the dripping of bright red blood into the toilet bowl at the end of the bowel movement. The bright red color is due to the oxygenated nature of the blood.

www.needhemorrhoidhelp.com Need Hemorrhoid Help-Where to start? This is the story of one woman’s quest to find a natural treatment for hemorrhoids and the pain and itching they cause.

Home Treatment for Hemorrhoids – How Psyllium Seeds Can Help You

Article by Alvin Hopkinson

A modern diet is said to be the single most common cause of hemorrhoids. Even at the start of the new millennium, human diet has been noted to lead to increased incidences of health disorders.

Coupled with unhealthy lifestyles brought about by modern conveniences, human health deteriorated along with the economy. Even something as simples as of moving one’s waste out of the body system became a problem that prescription drugs could not cure.

The need for home treatment for hemorrhoids gained recognition as more effective because it was the exact opposite of the modern way of living.

People had to go back to what was basic and traditional because they provided the right kind of cure. Instead of putting restrictions on one’s diet, it became a healthier habit to have more variations in food. The body works in a way that depended on balance; hence, limiting one’s type of food intake can lead to imbalances. Home treatment for hemorrhoids is all about having a balanced diet.

Hemorrhoids will not occur if a person is in a better health condition in the first place. Since, blood vessels tend to react with the strain of exerting effort during waste discharge, a healthy person can withstand muscle pressures of a more strenuous kind that this. Constipation is indicative of poor dietary habits; developing hemorrhoids is a demonstration of poor health.

Hence, the single most effective home treatment for hemorrhoids is diet change. However, we should also bear in mind that this should be done gradually if a person is not used to eating fibrous foods. Slowly introduce fibre rich foods while gradually reducing the present diet.

Initially, one’s immediate aim is to address the current constipation problem; hence, the need for a home treatment for hemorrhoids in some form of mixed preparation will help correct the constipation problem. Here is one good remedy:

Psyllium Seeds: The Most Effective Home Treatment for Hemorrhoids

Psyllium seeds are the seeds of a plant called Plantago and are also called ispaghula. These seeds can be bought in herbal nutrition stores, since they are popularly used as laxative due to its cleansing effect.

1. Take one teaspoon of ground psyllium seeds with a glass of water daily and for one week as part of your breakfast.

2. Increase your pysllium seed intakes by having another teaspoonful for lunch on the second week.

3. On the third week, add another teaspoonful of your daily dosage by taking another dose for dinner.

4. Continue with the daily dose of psyllium seeds, taken three times a day. Don’t forget to increase your water intake when taking psyllium seeds as your home treatment for hemorrhoids.

As soon as your constipation has been cured and you have fully integrated a large amount of fibrous foods as part of your daily diet, you can stop taking psyllium seeds.

About the Author

Alvin Hopkinson is a natural health educator in the area of natural remedies and hemorrhoids cures. Discover the best hemorrhoid treatment available using proven natural home remedies, all without using harmful medications or drugs. Visit his site now at http://www.hemorrhoidpainrelief.org

Hemorrhoids Help – Hemorrhoids 101

The first thing you need to do in order to get hemorrhoids help is to arm yourself with knowledge about your condition. You cannot expect to get anything done if you yourself don’t know the basics of hemorrhoids, so keep these basics in mind before panicking away:

What are hemorrhoids?
Simply put, a hemorrhoid is a bunch of tissue inside or outside your rectum that gets inflamed. This inflamed tissue then clumps up to form a cluster of cells that protrude and get in the way of defecating as well as being highly sensitive to pressure. This sensitivity then manifests itself through a burning and/or painful feeling, and serious cases of hemorrhoids can bring unbearable pain even while sitting down.

What are the symptoms?
Burning and painful sensations in the rectal and anal area are the standard signs of hemorrhoids, while large lumps of skin around the anus are an additional sign of external hemorrhoids.

However, one of the most sure-fire symptoms of bad hemorrhoids is blood when defecating. Remember that lumped-up tissue that was discussed earlier? When particularly tough fecal matter passes through it, it gets scrapped off and bleeds. This bleeding while defecating poses serious risks to you, and you definitely need to seek hemorrhoids help from a doctor as soon as possible.

What are the causes?
The primary cause of hemorrhoids is excessive stress to the nerves in and around the rectum. This can happen by a lot of reasons like hypertension, improperly carrying weight, constipation, obesity, and even just sitting down for hours at a time. However, one of the most important things that contribute to hemorrhoids is diet.

Without a sufficient amount of fiber, a person’s feces will become so tough and hard to eject that the every act of taking a dump can potentially rupture a vein or two. The first way to get hemorrhoids help for yourself is to mix in fruits, vegetables, whole wheat breads and pastas and bran in your diet. Do that and you can expect smooth sailing in the toilet.

What can I do?
The most important thing to remember about hemorrhoids is that they do not heal like normal wounds on the skin. The constant pressure on the rectum placed on it by the mere act of sitting or even defecating can only make the problem worse, which is why you need to treat the hemorrhoid as soon as possible.

Symptomatic relief can come from a hot sitz bath, where you only need to submerge your bum in warm water for 15 to 30 minutes per session. If you want faster relief, you can apply a topical cream or some Aloe Vera if you want a natural approach. However, these remedies are only good for relieving the burning, itching and swelling of the hemorrhoid. You need to do see a doctor for professional hemorrhoids help, since hemorrhoids are on a case to case basis.

So there you have it, the basic 101 course of hemorrhoids. Remember to keep them in mind before you go to the doctor, and you’ll be well on the way to getting hemorrhoids help without thinking like an ignorant boob!

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