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www.ctvvancouverisland.ca http PORT-AU-PRINCE – The world watched in horror at the beginning of 2010 when the impoverished island nation of Haiti was shattered by a major earthquake. A group of people in Langford watched too and decided to do something to help. Now they have returned to see their work complete and they invited CTV News to join them so that we can share the inspiration. It is a rough journey. The roads in Port-au-Prince are rough and buildings, scarred and crumbling from the January 2010 earthquake still line pot hole filled streets. And the ravages of Haiti`s poverty stricken economy is ever present amongst piles of rotting garbage. And for a man returning to Haiti two years after the disaster, the scene evokes memories of a nightmare. Brian Kerr is one in a group of people from Langford and Victoria’s Western Communities, who in March 2010 began a project to rebuild an orphanage destroyed by the earthquake The risk of death was everywhere; children living next to buildings on the verge of collapse, mosquitoes breeding in disease filled swamp, and whatever water could be found had fecal counts so high drinking it was a game of Russian roulette with Cholera. But now, that scene is a memory too As Kerr arrives at the orphanage he is greeted by children. Overcome by the transformation he wipes away tears as he calls out to another member of the Langford team, “The whole place has changed. It’s not the same place.” Cottages built with donations from Italy

woman who was eight months pregnant gave birth in the IDF field hospital in Haiti at 2:30 am, Sunday. The IDF reported that the infant, a boy, was named Israel. The woman was the first to give birth at the field hospital. The Israeli search teams operating in Haiti will cease looking for survivors buried beneath rubble as of Monda More..y, Army Radio reported Sunday evening. Team commanders reportedly determined that the chances of finding anyone alive more than four days after the quake will be very slim. Home Front Command soldiers currently in Haiti will nonetheless remain on the island, at least until Thursday, and assist IDF medical teams at the Israeli field hospital. Earlier Sunday The IDF reported that it had rescued a 52-year-old man from the ruins. The trapped man had communicated his location by sending a text message on a cellphone. On Saturday Israeli rescue and medical teams quickly joined the international effort on to locate and extricate survivors and provide aid to the millions of Haitians rendered helpless by last Tuesday’s devastating earthquake. Haitian officials are speculating that the death toll may be anywhere from 50000 to 200000, and vast numbers of bodies are being buried in mass graves to try to reduce the spread of disease. A third of Haiti’s 9 million people are believed to require aid, with 300000 living on the streets here in the capital alone. The UN has described the disaster as the most challenging it has faced in terms of resources
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Port-au-Prince lay shattered and its people struggled without the most basic medical help Wednesday as officials predicted the death toll from Haiti’s cataclysmic earthquake would reach 250000. The televised scenes of horror – fathers carrying dead babies, mothers lying bleeding in enormous piles of rubble – galvanized the world to help the desperate Haitians. As dusk approached, the first of a global fleet of air transports began to land, bearing medical supplies, food and water in hopes of heading off an even worse humanitarian catastrophe. The capital Port-au-Prince was largely destroyed. Shrouded bodies lined the streets as dazed survivors scrabbled in the debris for loved ones. Tags: Earthquake Haiti Terremoto Port-Au-Prince destroyed 2010 January 12 Update Alert Disaster Carribean death toll 50000 Aftermath Tsunami Guatemala San Salvador