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www.brherbals.com Dr. Amit Bhandari MD (AM), one of the most sort-after Doctors of his region, is a graduate from Indias oldest Ayurvedic Institute- Dayanand Ayurvedic College, Jalandhar (Pb.). – Dr. Amit Bhandari is the Director of *BR. Herbals Ayurvedic Hospital, Jalandhar (Pb.) India. He has gained reputation as Prakriti (BODY-MIND Constitution) Analyst and Ayurveda expert physician for using Herbs, Diet & Life style guidance, and Panchakarma scientifically for the detoxification of the body, to diagnose and cure chronic diseases of the sick Human Body. -He is acting as a link between the modern technical scientific world and vast classical Indian knowledge of Ayurveda. He provides to the point, Diet and Life Style guidance to his patients according to their Body-Mind Constitution, to maintain health & prevent diseases. As in this fast stressful life, it is very important to know the ways to prevent diseases long before they prove deadly. – He had been working as an Ayurveda Expert & Research Scholar with America based companies like Nirvana Herbals LLC, Guruji Herbals. He did data based research on diseases and worked on the natural ayurvedic ways to cure chronic diseases (Migraine and Infertility) by merging the latest scientific research with herbs effects on Human body since November 2005. -He has been chosen as an Ayurvedic expert from India by India-Herbs, a Multi National Company (since May 2008). He is now working as an Ayurvedic Formulation Scientist and
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