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How to Eliminate the Chronic Condition of internal Hemroids

Article by Amit Kothiyal

Hemroids are critically placed within the anal canal, which acts as an anal cushion in human body. However these cushions in most grievous cases take the form of harmful and typically unhygienic hemroids disease, commonly known as piles. It is a chronic and troublesome disease caused due to the growth of tiny however painful lump near rectal canal internally or externally. As hemroids can develop internally inside the most unreachable body part touching or seeing it is impossible unless examined by a physician.

Condition of internal hemroids worsens when tiny lumps become large and lumpy. These saggy lumps droop out of rectal canal during bowel moment yet their roots remain inside the anal canal. These can be itchy, irritating and painful and may in serious stages take part of bleeding hemroids.

Some of the major causing factors of internal hemroids that can be avoided to stop the problem are as mentioned:

Suffering from any critical anal infection may exaggerate internal hemroids.
Lack of fiber intake in the body leads to hard passing stools, which gives birth to the ailment.
Diarrhea and constipation may lead to straining and can boost pressure on veins of anal canal.

Causes are varied whereas the symptoms are not lacking behind. Few hemroids symptoms are as mentioned:

Prolonged internal bleeding from inside the rectal canal.
Inflammation, burning or irritation on the skin causing sensations due to the secretion of mucus from Hemroid.
Discomfort and endless pain passing stool during hard bowel moment as blood circulation is hindered due to the growth of large Hemroid lump.

It is important to get the problem examined and thoroughly checked up by a physician as the symptoms may show some similar signs of that of other comparable disease such as fissures, abscesses, warts, and polyps. An expert advice is recommended before including hemroids treatments to heal the root problem of the disease.

Few recommended hemroids treatments are as mentioned:

Drinking six to eight glasses of water and other nonalcoholic drinks throughout the day.
Sitting and having a nice warm water bath for 10 minutes helps with the treatment.
Exercise to prevent constipation as it worsens the situation of the disease.
Consult a physician for the surgery named rubber band ligation method to eliminate the problem as strong tied rubber band cuts off circulation, thus shrinks the problem.
Infrared coagulation is other effective treatment in which heat is used to shrink Hemroid tissue.

Consult a physician and look for the best hemroids treatment to combat the ailment from the root as nagging about the problem may only lead to its advancement unless treated properly.

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