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I Recommend: -:( tinyurl.com ):- A Google search for hemroids cause suggest that many people wonder what causes hemroids. (Over one million web pages contain these two words.) Hemroid Causes. . The most prevalent cause of hemroids is constipation because straining to pass hard stools puts pressure on the rectum. That makes the veins swell (like varicose) and hemroids to appear. Related factors are on the commode for prolonged time, diarrhea, frequent use of laxatives or enemas, and excessive rubbing or cleaning of the rectum. Aging, pregnancy, obesity, diarrhea, too many enemas or laxatives, pushing too much during bowel movements, and spending too much time on the toilet are causes. Heredity may also play a part in some cases. There is reason to believe that hemorrhoids are caused by heavy lifting or long hours of being seated. Hemroids are a type of varicose vein that can happen with age. Basically any increase in strain in the anus can cause hemroids. The upright posture of humans alone naturally places a great deal of stress on the rectal veins and that sometimes causes them to bulge. .Pregnancy and Child Birth. . Pregnant women are prone to hemroids because of the weight of the baby and uterus on the rectum. If hemroids don\’t develop during pregnancy they can occur during or because of child birth and long labor. (also childbirth) Other contributions include: . .Certain medical conditions including infections . .Diet low in fiber or fluids . .Severe coughing
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www.naturalhemorrhoidscurehelp.com Hemorrhoids are one of the most extensive conditions in the United States. In fact, according to statistics, more than half of the US population develops this condition when they reach the age of 50. This is attributed to the Western lifestyle, and to the kind of diet that they have. It cannot be denied that highly industrialized countries rely so much on processed foods, and are deficient on fibers. This poor diet contributes to the development of hemorrhoids. A diet that is low on fiber, and high on preservatives leads to constipation and results into improper bowel movement.
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I Recommend: -:( tinyurl.com ):- It is not known why hemorrhoids enlarge. There are several theories about the cause, including inadequate intake of fiber, prolonged sitting on the toilet, and chronic straining to have a bowel movement (constipation). None of these theories has strong experimental support. Pregnancy is a clear cause of enlarged hemorrhoids though, again, the reason is not clear. Tumors in the pelvis also cause enlargement of hemorrhoids by pressing on veins draining upwards from the anal canal. One theory proposes that it is the shearing (pulling) force of stool, particularly hard stool, passing through the anal canal that drags the hemorrhoidal cushions downward. Another theory suggests that with age or an aggravating condition, the supporting tissue that is responsible for anchoring the hemorrhoids to the underlying muscle of the anal canal deteriorates. With time, the hemorrhoidal tissue loses its mooring and slides down into the anal canal. One physiological fact that is known about enlarged hemorrhoids that may be relevant to understanding why they form is that the pressure is elevated in the anal sphincter, the muscle that surrounds the anal canal and the hemorrhoids. The anal sphincter is the muscle that allows us to control our bowel movements. It is not known, however, if this elevated pressure precedes the development of enlarged hemorrhoids or is the result of the hemorrhoids. Perhaps during bowel movements, increased force is required to force