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How To Cure Hemorrhoids And Keep Them From Coming Back!

Article by Jack Harold

If you are reading this it’s likely that you have just developed hemorrhoids (piles) or have been suffering for a while and are looking for information on how to cure hemorrhoids.

The one thing that you don’t want is the ‘quick fix’ and two months later they’re back again. You’re worried, you’re in pain and discomfort and you not only want to get rid of them, you don’t want them to come back!

The first thing you should do is take account of your lifestyle. Quite often hemorrhoids occur as result of some action or ‘inaction’ in our current lifestyle. It is important to treat the causes where they can be identified so as to reduce or even eliminate the symptoms.

So what are the causes?

Causes vary but the same patterns consistently emerge. Since many occupations involve office work (sitting down for long periods) the number of sufferers has increased. Also a major cause is with diet, especially high carbohydrate consumption and low fiber intake. Frequent constipation and ‘forcing’ the stools to come out is a also a contributing factor. However there are some exceptions to ‘lifestyle causes’ and these include pregnancy and the genetic background of the sufferer. However for these last two categories you can reduce the pain and discomfort by following some of the measures listed below.

So how can I get a cure that lasts?

The good news is that 80% of sufferers get relief within a week or two of the symptoms appearing. The bad news is that over 50% of these sufferers will have a recurrence. Research has shown that the 50% of sufferers who don’t have a repeat bout take the appearance of hemorrhoids as a ‘health warning’ and do something about it.

Let’s take the prolonged sitting cause. Don’t eat your lunch in the office sitting down – get some exercise. walk around the block even if it’s cold for 20 minutes. This is sufficient to get the blood circulation moving in the rectal area and has the added benefit of loosening up your stools and preventing constipation!

In fact get as much walking done during the day there are also other health benefits.

Now we move on to diet. This is the biggest cause of hemorrhoids. The real culprit is a badly balanced diet – low on fiber and fruit and high on carbohydrates and sugar. If you’re into junk food – eliminate it or at least cut it down. Take a good bowl of muesli if you don’t like flakes – but get that fiber into you. Don’t forget good greens and vegetables- these can be very beneficial.

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Learn more about how to treat hemorrhoids prolapsed, hemorrhoids shrink and prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Learn more about how to treat hemorrhoids prolapsed, hemorrhoids shrink and prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Kidney Disease Diets Help You to Eat Your Way Back to Health

Obesity is a growing problem in America and many other places in the world. Many people are way over their recommended body weight, and continue to live an unhealthy lifestyle that is slowly killing them. When you are severely overweight, you have a lot more to worry about than just the lack of proper nutrition. People who are obese are twice as likely to develop chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease.


Out of all of the above mentioned diseases, kidney disease is the one that has a tendency to go unnoticed until it’s too late to keep it under control. While your heart is the life force that pumps blood throughout your body, your kidneys are the body parts that cleanses your blood, filters waste out of your body efficiently and monitors your acidity levels. All of this happens day in and day out without fail. As long as you stay healthy, your kidneys will keep doing their job without interruption. However, when you put yourself at risk by gaining too much weight, it puts a lot of stress on all of your organs, which means your kidneys can begin to fail without you even noticing.


If you’re obese and not too concerned about this happening to you – think again. Millions of people are currently walking around with kidney disease, and you could be one of them. You see, everything that you put into your body has to be processed by your kidneys. Every burger, French fry, donut, snack chip, pastry, piece of fried chicken, overstuffed pork sandwich, cookie, slice of pizza, pill, beer, soda and milkshake ends up in one of those two organs. You’ve got two kidneys, so if one conks out, you have a back up. They take all of that stuff you put in your body and squeeze out the liquid, which goes down the urethra and out the door when you urinate.



They disperse with any toxins that are contained in all of these items that land inside of their walls. Your kidneys also regulate your calcium, sodium, potassium and protein levels. They also keep your hormones and electrolytes in perfect balance. So, when you don’t care about your nutrition, and keep piling in loads of fatty, salty, sugar packed foods, way too much cholesterol, too many drugs, etc. It can get to be too much for your kidneys to handle. Now, it’s also true that just because you’re obese, doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically get kidney disease, but the high risk factor should ring some alarm bells.


It’s no fun having chronic kidney disease, that’s for sure. By the time you do develop symptoms, you’ll be well into it. You may notice that you are getting frequent headaches, your skin becomes pale, your limbs start to bloat up, your skin itches, but you don’t see a rash and you feel lethargic all the time. If you begin experiencing any of these symptoms, you need to see your doctor as soon as possible. Let them know you think you may have kidney disease and ask them to run tests on your kidneys. This disease is so silent, that even medical professionals tend to miss it until it has reached a life threatening point.


Hopefully, they find nothing, but if you are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, your best bet is to finally make the decision to do something about your bad nutrition. Bad eating habits got you into this mess, and good eating habits can get you out of it. The chronic kidney diet plan can help to clear up your kidneys and get them functioning normal again. That is, if you choose to follow it. If you are under a doctor’s care for your obesity, you’ll need to get the all clear first before you can go on this diet. Kidney disease diets are very strict, and you want to make sure that all of your nutritional needs can be met while you are fighting this disease, and also working on losing an excessive amount of weight.


While before the diagnosis you may have been able to ignore the important role that nutrition plays in your overall health, after you know for certain that you have kidney disease, you can’t afford to fall off the nutritional wagon. Your long term survival is now at stake from obesity and a chronic disease that can cause you to have complete kidney failure if left unchecked.


One of the side effects of chronic kidney failure is having too much protein in your system. Now, you know that protein is necessary to keep the body strong and healthy. However, this is a case where too much protein is not a good thing, because your kidney can no longer keep it at normal levels. Therefore, your diet needs to be altered to cut way down on any foods that have protein. You may not like this, but it’s something that has to be done to prevent further complications from developing.


Being placed on a strict diet for kidney disease to improve your kidney function can also be a blessing in disguise, because it will also help you drop the weight that has been plaguing your for a long time. Now that you know more about kidney disease, and the additional risks that come from living with obesity, I hope that you will be a lot more diligent about the types of foods you eat on a daily basis. Sure, it’s not going to be easy to lose a large amount of weight, and it certainly won’t happen overnight, but when you consider all of the serious health issues that goes along with being overweight, it should motivate you to take steps towards changing your life for the better.

Get help with making dietary changes to ward off kidney disease here:


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