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PSX Resident Evil 2:Claire scenario B Longplay, playthrough, (100%) (Full game video) ,96 min.+Edited video 😉 [Image Width 16:9] Ranking – A Total time – 01:28:15 Number of saves – 00 Secrets Unlocked – ‘Hunk ‘.. Special Weapons (S.machine gun and Gatling gun) ………………………………………. The year is 1998, two years after the incident in Raccoon City in 1996. The main character of the second part is called Resident Evil Claire Redfield, a sister of Chris Redfield from Resident Evil first The story begins as Claire Redfield issued to search his brother Chris, who is missing since 1996 when the incident occurred with the T-Virus. Clair rides into town on a motorcycle Raccoon City to find him, but still do not know what to expect. Infection apparently came from the laboratory to the surface and the whole city is infected Raccoon City. This means that nearly all of the inhabitants are zombies, and some of the worse things … unsuspecting Claire stopped in front of restaurant and goes to look inside, it seems strange that there anybody and nobody sees it not, he goes further and sees a man, but of which it is a zombie and just to have someone enjoying. Claire runs away terrified the whole, but a zombie on it and it got a taste for it, at that moment the door opens message and hear “Head Down” and flips zombiemu bullet in the head and his brains end up on one’s plate. In the doorway stood a policeman named Leon Kenedy and says, whether it be with him, take