Is Hemorrhoid Surgery Necessary?

Is Hemorrhoid Surgery Necessary?

Hemorrhoids or piles can be a very painful condition and hence it needs to be treated. As it is, there are a number of procedures, by which it can be treated, such as Rubber Band Ligation, Injection Sclerotherapy, Infrared Photocoagulation, as well as Laser Coagulation. Apart from these treatment procedures, hemorrhoids surgery is another treatment that can be opted for. However, hemorrhoid surgery should be the last option and should be opted for only in extreme cases.

As it is, a little bit of care and changes in dietary habits can be useful in the treatment of this condition. Several home remedies, as well as increased intake of roughage and fiber in your dietary intake can help you in taking care of this problem. You should also ensure that you stay away from junk foods as well as tobacco, smoking and alcohol. This would also be quite helpful in taking care of the situation.

You should also increase the intake of fluids, such as water, juices and warm milk to avoid hemorrhoids surgery.

However, in case the condition is severe and all these remedies do not work, then in that case, hemorrhoids surgery is the last option. In many cases, such as heredity or age related piles, surgery is the only option that can work as all other options for hemorrhoid help tend to fail.

One can therefore go for Hemorrhoidectomy, in which piles is removed in a surgical way. The surgery is done with the help of surgical instruments. The treatment is applicable in case of both internal, as well as external hemorrhoid.

A latest development in this regard has been that of laser surgery. In this procedure, minute LASER beams are used for making incision and opening up the tissues.

Thereafter a broad LASER is put to use for burning the enlarged tissue, which has swollen up. A major advantage of this procedure is that recovery process is very quick. You will soon find your self following your routine schedule. Apart from that your good tissues will not be affected as well.

The procedure in LASER surgery is rather quick and would be conducted in no time. In most cases, the patient is discharged, on the very next day. Usually, it is the most experienced doctors, who would be treating you, and hence it is a rather costly affair. However, post surgical care is very important. Since it is after all a hemorrhoid surgery, therefore, the patient may suffer from excessive bleeding as well as pain for the next few days. However, the physician would be taking care of all these problems and soon you will be leading a healthy life. Yet, be sure that you take proper care in terms of your dietary intake. Follow the advice of your doctor and ensure a healthy life free from hemorrhoids.

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