Internal Hemroids

Internal Hemroids

Article by Lisa Mackenzie

Hemroids are veins that are swollen in the rectum due to increased pressure. Hemroids are generally of different types. They are of two types namely internal and external hemroids. The internal hemroids are the bleeding hemroids that cause much pain and discomfort to people. There would be bleeding and pain from the anus and the anal canal due to the pressure. They are of much concern to people as they frequently see blood along with the stools. However one need not panic about internal hemroids as there are a variety of treatment methods that are available these days. They can be cured within a few weeks depending upon their severity.

Internal hemroids are life threatening and may cause great pain and bleeding to the patient. They are caused due to the pressure in the rectum that leads to bleeding. They can also be caused due to stress in the veins along the anal canal. Internal hemroids originate from the interstitial tissues while the external hemroids occur from the skin. Patients with internal hemroids are at a greater risk than those with external hemroids. There are several factors that may increase the pressure in the rectum.

Constipation and diarrhoea are the major reasons that are responsible for internal hemroids. Sometimes inflammation on the veins can be a major factor that needs to be considered in case of internal hemroids. Internal hemroids can also be caused due to irritating chemicals and other substances that may affect the anal region. Tight clothing can also lead to this problem. There are number of treatment methods that are available for the cure of internal hemrids. The first step to be taken while curing internal hemroids is diet. Make sure you diet includes fibres and all the essential nutrients.
The hemorrhoids treatment is done after diagnosis by the physician. The treatment generally depends upon the severity of the disease. Rubber ligation is one the most popular mode of treating internal hemroids. A rubber band is usually tied around the affected region so that the blood supply is cut off. Laser coagulation is the newest technique that is used to cure internal hemroids with the help of current.

Infrared photocoagulation uses the infra red rays to cure hemroids. Sometimes if the hemroids is very severe then the only treatment that is done is haemorrhoidectomy where the hemroids are removed surgically from the anal canal. They can be painful.

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