Injured Pademelon

This is the second Pademelon we saved in less than a week. The first one died due to what looked like poisoning and this young female was seriously sick after we think she was poisoned. She had a Joey in her pouch that had died at least a week prior indicating possible poisoning. Its interesting to point out that these little guys are shot on sight after being lured out of wildlife reserves by piles of corn left every 20-30 feet on the fire breaks that boarder sanctuaries. The shooters will then say that they were in a restricted area. This is the how shooters get around the laws that protected wildlife which includes Wombats, Pademelons, Potteroos, Possums and anything else that is lured into the sights of a shooter. They are then left to rot where they fall. There are laws to protect wildlife but cunning shooters use loop holes to slaughter anything that moves. They won’t be happy until they have wiped out all wildlife as they have done with the Tasmanian Devil which will be extinct by the year 2015, in only 3-4 years time. Money donated to save the Devils is being held in someones bank account and not being used to find a cure for the Facial Tumor Disease that is killing them and so called “Assurance Populations” of Tasmanian Devils will not be re released into the wild. There is also a virus killing Wallabies that is kept quiet but the Wallabies who die of this virus is not considered when culls are in place so its not unreasonable to expect numbers of these little


  1. GnomeGuardian January 28, 2012 5:56 am 

    Horrible- life is? priceless.
    Ban on killing sanctioned animals!!!!!

  2. SnottyAust January 28, 2012 5:06 am 

    All Australian wildlife is protected but we as a nation allow exclusions for things like plantations, farms etc..
    Im not sure if its still allowed but one method they use in some situations to indiscrimately slaughter wildlife is by using carrots laced 1080 poison and also? a bit of cinnamon which attracts all sorts of animals from far and wide.

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