How to Treat Hemroids when Pregnant?

How to Treat Hemroids when Pregnant?

Article by Amit Kothiyal

Pregnant women are more susceptible to Hemroids due to various reasons. Since pregnancy quiet often leads to hypertension and constipation, a pregnant woman faces discomfort because of Hemroids. Another factor that primarily places pregnant women at a high risk zone of developing Hemroids is the hormone named Progesterone. Its fluctuating level in expecting mothers make their veins soft and nonfunctional. All of these can be avoided by simply being aware of the hemroid treatments available for pregnant women. It can actually save you from a lot of discomfort faced during pregnancy due to Hemroids.

It has been seen that women usually get Hemroids while in their first trimester. Some may have them while giving birth, i.e. in the pushing phase. Though Hemroids may disappear after delivery, they should be cured with unconventional methods. However, medicines can cause harm to the baby and hence should be avoided. Pregnant women should try to treat Hemroids in a safe and natural way. This can only happen through a change in food intake. Selecting a proper diet can not only eliminate existing Hemroids but can also prevent formation of Hemroids in the future.

Pregnant women with Hemroids should have a diet which is easy to digest and quickly moves down the colon. Here is a list of foods that can give you relief from Hemroids and can even help you to reduce bleeding Hemroids:

Dark green leafy vegetables
Flax seeds (rich in 3-omega oils and fiber)
Lima and butter beans (rich in iron)
Blackstrap molasses
Sweet potatoes
Onion, ginger and garlic (fights fibrin)

Pregnant women should however avoid eating animal products, red meat, coffee, alcohol, rice and bad fats since these causes constipation and may worsen Hermoids cure.

In addition to proper intake of food, other home treatments of Hemroids during pregnancy include the use of cold compress like icepacks. These helps to ease the swelling caused due to Hemroids. They even help in reducing the pain and make you feel more comfortable.

Another way to reduce discomfort caused due to Hemroid is to wipe it very gently after passing off stool. Wiping gently stops bleeding Hemroid and also reduces the amount of irritation. A sitz bath is a great way to treat Hemroid during pregnancy. It allows you soak and soothe the affected area and removes the irritation and the pain caused by Hemroid.

However, even after following all these, if you are experiencing extreme conditions like pain, discomfort or excessive bleeding due to Hemroids, it is recommended that you immediately consult a doctor.

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