Home remedies for hemroids

Home remedies for hemroids

Article by Dave Pladsten

As a sufferer of hemroids I know as well as any other hemroid sufferer just how painful and irritating they can be. Generally hemroids, which are probably more commonly known as piles, can be split into three separate categories. I’ve listed these below.

External Hemroids: These are when the piles have become exposed and sit on the outside of the anus.
Internal hemroids, these are as the name suggests inside your anus.
Finally you can suffer from a thrombosed hemroid. The thrombosed type means that the hemroid itself is being strangled.

Nobody is immune from getting piles and about 50% of the population will suffer from them at some time in their life. There are however certain people which maybe more prone to getting them than others. These are pregnant ladies and people who are overweight. If you find yourself dealing with hemroids then it’s important to realise that there are many remedies are available in today’s market.

Many people will use home remedy treatments when tackling their hemroid problem. The most common of these is a herbal relief, and there are many options to choose from, and they all vary in what they can do to treat the symptoms. To give you an example the products Witch Hazel and Butchers Broom are very good because they both contain an anti inflammatory. Both of these can be purchased from most local chemist stores. For a further list of herbal remedies I would suggest going to your local store and asking for advice on what they can offer. They will range from herbal tablets to ointments all of which will help sooth your symptoms.

In the next section we will quickly take a look at some low cost home remedies that might help you. One thing you may want to try, which some people swear by, is applying natural yoghurt to the affected area. This is meant to ease the suffering because the yoghurt contains good bacteria which help fight any infection that may of taken place.

Warm salty water is another option. Simply create a small solution of luke warm water and dissolve some table salt into it. Then bath the affected area for a few minutes each several times a day. This should help reduce swelling which in turn will alleviate some of the pain.

I cold flannel can sometimes help ease some of the pain on external piles. This is good for night time when you are trying to get to sleep.

If you have a job where you are sat down for hours at a time then I would suggest that when you are in a seated position you can sit on an inflatable rubber ring, or create your own donut shape from towels. This means the anus area won’t be touching anything when you are sitting so will ease the pressure on the affected area.

Finally it’s important to mention that if your problem persists then you should be seeking advice from a professional doctor who can examine how bad your situation maybe.

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