Hemroids The Cause and Hemroids Treatment

Hemroids The Cause and Hemroids Treatment

Article by Rachel Cole

A medical condition known as hemroids, actually spelled hemorrhoids plagues human beings all over the World. People have suffered from the discomfort since the dawn of human kind. A hemroid treatment that actually works is something that has been sought for by people for thousands of years. Does a hemroids treatment that actually works exist? We think the answer is yes, especially when preventative measures are considered.

Hemroids are actually veinous tissues within the anal canal that aid in the process of bowel movements by providing a cushion for the removal of stools. When too much pressure is exerted the hemriodal tissue becomes inflamed. This is actually what is commonly known as hemroids or more formally, hemorrhoids.

Hemroids (actually the inflammation of hemorrhoids) are caused by a number of different things. The most common causes of hemroids are constipation and diarrhea. Pregnancy is also a well known cause of hemroids in women. An unhealthy diet and lack of patience during bowel movements are also recognized as causes of hemroids. Hemroids treatment is often comprised in part in measures that are taken to prevent the inflammation of hemroids.

Common symptoms of hemroids are itching, excruciating pain and often bleeding in and around the anus. Generally, especially with external hemroids, blood clots within the veinous tissues cause hard lumps or knots in the anal opening. Pressure applied to these lumps can cause bleeding and pain.

Though hemroids can be quite uncomfortable they generally do not pose long lasting or fatal threats to people. Whether it be considered good or bad news, a person could potentially live a long, relatively healthy, life, continually suffering from inflamed hemroids.

There are 2 kinds of hemroids that persist in causing discomfort to people. The first is known as ‘internal hemroids’. Internal hemroids can cause bleeding within the anal canal but generally do not cause itching or pain. The second type of hemroid is ‘external hemroids’. External hemroids can also cause bleeding, usually in more extreme cases but they can, and usually do, cause swelling, itching and pain.

Three conditions exist that are not hemroids which are often mistaken for hemroids. The following three anorectal conditions are quite often believed, erroneously to be hemroids. The first is ‘fissures’ which are tears in the anal canal, generally from the dentate line to the anal opening. These tears, though not actually related to hemroids can be very painful. The second is abscesses within the anal canal. These are deposits of pus that are created by the presence of ‘bad’ bacteria. If an abscess is not treated in time they can cause the third medical condition that is mistaken for hemroids, fistulas. Basically, a fistula is an abscess that has grown and created infectious tunnels within the interior tissue of the anal canal. Fistulas can be quite painful but are in fact, not hemroids.

Humankind has been on a quest to cure hemroids since, well, the dawn of mankind. Many a hemroid treatment can be found in libraries, grocery stores and all over the Internet. One can purchase creams, ointments and pills, all promising fast relief but unfortunately, few seem to actually work.

Among the potential hemroids treatment solutions that are available, homeopathic hemroid treatments seem to be more and more popular.

Certain ingredients seem consistently to be proclaimed by users as effective. Of all the homeopathic remedies that have been considered as a hemroid treatment the following ingredients seem to be most effective: Fluoride of Lime – Calcarea fluorica; Leopard’s Bane – Arnica montana; Horse Chestnut – Aesculus hippocastanum; St. Mary’s Thistle – Carduus marianus; Witch Hazel – Hamamelis virginiana; Stone Root – Collinsonia canadensis; Krameria’Mapato – Ratanhia and Muriatic Acid – Muriaticum acidum.

Fiber in one’s diet is known by many to be effective as a hemroids treatment and lots of clean, pure water is also known to help a great deal in both prevention and relief of hemroids. A little known measure is to drink acidophilus milk. Acidophilus milk contains a certain flora of bacteria that the human digestive system needs. Basically, these ‘good’ bacteria kill ‘bad’ bacteria and eat them. This presumably helps with the prevention and treatment of hemroids because bad bacteria are presumed to attack the delicate veinous tissues within the anal canal. By killing bad bacteria, the good bacteria effectively prevent or stop the attacks from occurring.

No information provided in this article or by this author is not to be construed as a substitute for consultation with a health care professional and is in no way to be construed as medical advice. Always consult your health care professional before beginning any program for hemorrhoids or health care.

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