Hemroids Go Deeper Than A Superficial Irritation

Hemroids Go Deeper Than A Superficial Irritation

Article by Lawrence Kreger

As the human body grows older, it becomes more susceptible to disease and decay, which is often worsened due to the actions and inactions taken during a person’s youth. One of the most common issues in the elderly is the occurrence of hemroids, which affects nearly 50% of all humans by the time they reach 50. As age statistic increases, the number of people who have been affected by hemroids within their lifetime does as well. With such a high odd of contracting the disease, one wonders why hemroid treatment takes precedent over a vaccine or cure.

However, when one truly examines the ideas of curing hemroids, it seems an odd notion considering everybody has them and they are a natural part of the human physique. Technically speaking, the soft skin tissue found just inside the anus that is filled with blood vessels is the true definition of a hemroid, while the most popular use of the term only involves the periods where blood has stretched and damaged the vessels. Therefore, since they are not caused by a virus, vaccines used in hemroid treatment will be entirely ineffective, except to cure infections caused by waste passing over an open wound.

Hemroids relief can be found through a number of methods, though treatment depends on the severity and actual location of the hemroids. If the inflamed hemroid is found just outside the rectum, it is considered external and is the leading cause for irritation, pain, and blood clots in and around the anus. Hemroids found inside the rectum are considered internal, and though there is no pain due to the types of nerves in the area, they do have the potential to cause more damage to the anal cavity than external hemroids.

Due to the lasting damage that can be caused, hemroid treatment should be sought at the first sign of symptoms. In many cases, by the time an internal hemroid becomes prolapsed, falls outside the anus, or the vessel ruptures causing bloody stool, the hemroid has reached the second-degree and is working towards the third. When hemroids relief can no longer be found by manually forcing the hemroid back into the rectum, surgery becomes the predominant response from physicians.

Prior to third-degree hemroids, and even after in some cases, there are a plethora of home remedies, over the counter medications, and prescriptions that can be used to find hemroids relief by reducing swelling and soothing irritated skin. Regardless of the severity and location of the inflamed blood vessel, a doctor should be consulted before beginning any form of hemroid treatment.

Lawrence Kreger has had a long family history of dealing with hemroid inflammation and researching hemroids relief. After finding a lack of non-commercialized, informational websites that focus on the disease, he decided to offer his expertise to other sufferers. For more information regarding hemroid treatment, Mr. Kreger can be contacted at 727-328-0859, emailed at medsearch205@cs.com, or written to at Advanced Health Consultants, P. O. Box 530007, St. Petersburg, FL, 33747.

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