Hemroids creams

Hemroids creams

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Hemroids creams are one of the most commonly used medication for hemroids these days as they are very beneficial and convenient to use. Hemroids mainly affect the anal canal leading to pain and swelling in the affected region. Though there are several modes of treatment for hemroids problems creams are most preferred as they provide effective results. The hemroids creams are generally a mixture of various herbs and substances that provide quick relief to pain and itching. The creams do not create any side effects as they are made out of natural substances. Some of the popular creams that are used for the treatment of hemroids are Venapro, Zinc oxide and glycerine.

There are three major types of hemroids creams that are used these days. They are analgesic, vasoconstrictor, anaesthetic, astringent and steroidal hemroids creams. Aloe Vera gel, zinc oxide and Hazel extracts are few examples of astringent hemroids creams. They are used to relieve pain, itching and burning in the rectum. The astringent creams also increase the blood circulation thereby reducing the pain. Anaesthetic hemorrhoids treatment are used more commonly to reduce the pain sensation in the affected area. When anaesthetic creams such as lidocaine and benzocaine are applied they may produce numbness in the specific area.

Vasoconstrictor hemroids creams are now being more commonly used to constrict the blood vessels in case of bleeding hemroids. Some of the most popular vasoconstrictor hemroids creams are Ephedrine, Phenylephrine and ephinephrine. However few people are sensitive to this cream and hence much care should be taken before using it. Steroidal hemroids creams are now gaining popularity as they provide anti inflammatory effects to the affected region. They are very powerful and can last for a longer period of time than the other creams. Hydrocortisone is one of the popular steroidal creams that are used by most of the people throughout the world. The steroidal hemroids creams cannot be used for chronic hemroids problems.

Hemroidal creams contain an active ingredient along with the binder that provides effective results for hemroids. The creams are not effective in all kinds of hemroids problems. Hemroids creams provide good results for external hemroids. Internal hemroids creams are not used as they have not been approved by FDA. It is very essential to choose the right cream that contains effective ingredients for hemroids problems. The best hemroids cream will relieve all the symptoms and will provide immediate relief.

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