Hemorrhoids – What is a Hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoids – What is a Hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoids, which are also known as piles, are veins, which are found near the anus, and they become large and swollen causing a lot of pain and bleeding around the area. The reason for the occurrence of hemorrhoids is the pressure, which is exerted on the anus due to severe strain during bowel movements. This can also take place due to constipation, an infection near the anus and sitting in the same position for long periods of time. This condition can also occur as a result of some other pre-existing medical condition like liver cirrhosis.

There are two main kinds of hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are those, which are present inside the anus. External hemorrhoids are those, which lie just at the opening of the anus, and they have a tendency to hang out. An itching sensation at the anus, pain in the anal region while sitting, traces of blood in the urine and pain during a bowel movement are some symptoms of hemorrhoids.

If Hemorrhoids are detected at an early stage, then a lot of relief can be gained by following a fiber rich diet, which consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and plenty of fluids.

Corticosteroid creams can help in reducing pain and also bringing down the swelling. Now special hemorrhoid creams have been made to decrease the level of pain. Witch hazel can be applied using a cotton swab and this will help in gaining relief from the itching sensation. Only cotton undergarments should be worn during this time and perfumed toilet paper should be avoided to reduce the itching. The infected area should not be scratched too much. Home remedies can be used to treat hemorrhoids in the initial stages but surgery will be necessary if it has reached the advanced stage.

Some sesame seeds should be taken in a glass of water and boiled.

This should be strained and consumed at least 2-3 times in a day for a month. Figs can be soaked in water for a night and consumed the next day morning before eating anything. A glass of warm milk containing a few drops of honey can be had before going to bed at night. This will make it easier to pass stools in the morning. Buttermilk, which contains some rock salt, also aids in reducing constipation.

Onion juice or raw onions soaked in water mixed with sugar helps in preventing blood from coming out during a bowel movement. Herbs can also be used to treat hemorrhoids. Garlic can be used on the piles in the rectum and this will also help in stopping the bleeding. Bitter gourd has always been used a remedy for many problems. Juice from the bitter gourd can be mixed with some buttermilk and consumed 2-3 times in a day.

There is no guarantee that all these remedies will provide relief from the pain of piles. In case the pain continues, then a surgeon or a gastroenterologist should be consulted. There are some people who have severe pain and bleeding due to piles and they might have to go through a rubber band ligation or hemorrhoidectomy.

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