Hemorrhoids Management – Infrared Coagulation

Hemorrhoids Management – Infrared Coagulation

Struggling from the dreadful hemorrhoids symptoms? No need to fret. Take control over your health today. Due to the advancement of medical research and technology, medical experts came up with the latest technology in treating hemorrhoids and this will certainly help hemorrhoids sufferers including pregnant women. This ground breaking medical procedure is called Infrared Coagulation Treatment.

Infrared Coagulation Treatment is less invasive as compared to other traditional procedures. It is simple and modern. The good part is, it is safe to use for pregnant women and elderly people.

The recuperation stage of this type of therapy are greatly reduced. Moreover, there is little risks involved. Unlike other medical procedures for hemorrhoids, this can be performed without anesthesia. Needless to say, patients can surely go back to work the same day as the procedure..

Certainly, this treatment procedure is perfect for busy men and women.

Infrared Coagulation treatment is a non-surgical procedure specifically for internal hemorrhoids. This type of hemorrhoids have less noticeable signs and symptoms. Most people are unaware that they are suffering from this condition because there’s little to no pain in the area.

In this type of treatment, the device is inserted inside the anus and is extending so that it will reach the hemorrhoids. The infrared device touches the base of the hemorrhoids. This coagulates the damaged veins causing the hemorrhoid to dry up and shrinks. Then turning it into scar tissues and thus preventing it from coming back.

Infrared coagulation is similar to the rubber band legation. They both inhibit the flow of blood in the veins allowing it to wither and in a few days fall off. Rubber band legation procedure is painful and it takes more than a week for the hemorrhoids to falls off unlike the infrared coagulation, where it will only take a few days for the hemorrhoids to dry and finally falls off.

This type of hemorrhoid treatment is perfect for small to medium – sized hemorrhoids. And unlike the other type of treatments, this can be done to treat multiple hemorrhoids. It allows the medical team to treat all the hemorrhoids simultaneously. However, infrared coagulation treatment is not applicable in severe cases of hemorrhoid.

In this type of hemorrhoid treatment, though it is one of the newest and the most innovative procedure available, still the reappearance of hemorrhoids vary depending on the individual case of the patients.. This is because hemorrhoid is not a disease but rather a disorder of the veins within the muscle walls located inside the rectum. It is caused by frequent pressure.

In order for the hemorrhoid to be treated permanently, it is best to do preventive measures and live a healthy life.

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