Hemorrhoid Treatments

Hemorrhoid Treatments

If you are one of the many people looking for hemorrhoid treatments then read on. There are several different ways that you can treat your hemorrhoids. You can take the traditional medical way, or you can choose to treat your hemorrhoids natural yourself in the privacy of your own home.

Hemorrhoids develop when too much pressure is put on the areas of the rectum and anus. This pressure is caused by things like constipation, straining with a bowel movement, pregnancy and childbirth or lifting heavy objects. All of these factors can cause your blood vessels in that area to become damaged and they will start to swell.

After the swelling takes place, the vessels will start to protrude outward. This can lead to extreme pain and sometimes bleeding. The bleeding might be just on the toilet paper or on your stool, or in the toilet bowl. Either way, this is one of the sure signs that you may have hemorrhoids.

If you decide to take the medical approach there are some things you should know.

(Yes, some hemorrhoids are far too serious and may need surgery if they are too big.) These medications that your doctor can prescribe are multi-step and may take a while before giving relief. The other thing to keep in mind is that these types of treatments may take care of the symptoms for a short while, but won’t truly heal your hemorrhoids or keep them from coming back. Side effects after prolonged use of these medications is of another concern. You may be damaging the tissue surrounding your hemorrhoid and that can cause you to have future problems.

Natural Hemorrhoid Treatments, use natural, holistic ways to treat and ultimately cure your hemorrhoids. Plus there are no side effects.

Taking warm ‘salt water’ baths is one of these remedies and will give some immediate relief. Just soaking your bottom in this bath (20-30 minutes) will greatly improve the healing of your hemorrhoids. The salt water actually draws out any infection, keeps the area clean, and improves blood circulation to the area.

An astringent is property of some herbs. It will constrict the tissue of your hemorrhoid and this reduces any swelling. Witch Hazel is one of these herbs. You can find witch hazel ointment at your local pharmacy. It is all natural so you can use it as often as you like. Simply soak a dry cotton cloth with the witch hazel and apply gently to your hemorrhoids. Storing these soaked cloths in the freezer will increase the soothing effect of the witch hazel.

Making sure to keep your stool soft by adding adequate fiber and water to your diet is also one of the steps in any of the hemorrhoid treatments. Increasing your activity will also ensure softer stools and better blood circulation to the area affected by hemorrhoids. Changing you diet and activity level to keep your stools soft, keeps you from straining during a bowel movement and reduces the pressure to your anus and rectal area. This is vital to healing your hemorrhoids.

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