Hemorrhoid Relief’s Natural Method

Hemorrhoid Relief’s Natural Method

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are one ailment that no one wants to have. Not only are they irritating and painful, but they are rather embarrassing as well, as they protrude from the rectal area.


Hemorrhoids are usually caused by swollen blood vessels, straining, constipation or hard stool that tears the skin. All these will result into painful hemorrhoids, which may range from a mild to those that are already bleeding and are causing excruciating pain. Hemorrhoid relief options will depend on the severity of the case. Though a hemorrhoid remedy without surgery may prove to be difficult, natural hemorrhoid relief may be a viable alternative. Natural hemorrhoid remedies are not only cheaper and safer, their effects last longer.


Natural hemorrhoid relief is centered on the strengthening of the vein walls of the entire body, not just the area concerned.

Some non-surgical techniques may also be applied depending on the patient’s type of ailment. For the internal hemorrhoid, “legation” is a method preferred by many. With this type of remedy, a rubber knot is tied to the affected part of the veins which would stop the blood supply. It will then dry up and be separated from the body.


There are also many other natural remedies that a doctor may recommend for your use such as herbal creams and medicines that originated from trees like butcher broom tree, horse chestnut and pagoda tree. Natural astringents such as Aloe Vera and Cranesbills may also be used. Cranberry poultice can give fast relief. Onion and garlic may also help since they can destroy bacteria and strengthen veins that are damaged.

They’re used by just peeling the garlic or the onion and inserting it in the rectum, then it will come out when you have a bowel movement the next day. A shallow “sitz bath,” method may also work. It is up to you which natural hemorrhoid relief to take as long as it works for you.

I have written an authoritative yet easy-to-read guide about natural hemorrhoid treatment which you can download for free right now by clicking the link below:

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