Heal Hemorrhoids – Avoid Constipation

Heal Hemorrhoids – Avoid Constipation

The most destructive cause of hemorrhoids is chronic constipation. Constipation that arises occasionally does not cause that much havoc to the digestive tract. It is only when the constipation becomes chronic that will create new hemorrhoids or worsen existing hemorrhoids. On their own, hemorrhoids are not a serious ailment. They are neither dangerous nor life­­-threatening. Hemorrhoids normally cause discomfort and pain for a few days to a week at the most. However, it is very easy to heal hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that occupy the lower portion of the rectum and at the anus. Being stretched under pressure hemorrhoids are very similar to varicose veins. The most common reason for the development of hemorrhoids is straining on defecation. So obviously what we want to have is a state where the stool is softer and less compacted for it to easily pass out of the anus without undue straining on defecation.

The first factor to look into is the diet.

You must ensure that your diet contains plenty of fibers. Failure to eat fibers will cause you to produce hard fecal matter thereby initiating constipation that will later induce hemorrhoids. Natural foods stay soft in the digestive tract because they consist of fibers which absorb water and expand inside the intestinal tract. These foods would include fruits and vegetables which naturally contain a lot of water in them. In addition, whole grains like rice and oats absorb water and provide for the watery bulk for the digestive tract.

Another way to avoid constipation is to undergo colonic therapy. This involves using water enema which is passed into the bowel. This action will help to remove old fecal material ensuring that the intestinal tract will be complete cleansed.

Abdominal massage can be initiated to stimulate proper digestion of food. Exercise to stimulate the abdominal area so that the digestion will also be improved. It has been known that stress will result in poor absorption of food. The body has a natural reflex to stop digesting when the body is under stress. Relaxation is thus a necessity to improve digestion leading to the avoidance of constipation.

There are many other methods to heal hemorrhoids without resorting to surgery. The best type is in the form of home remedies that have been found to be very effective based on feedback from hemorrhoids sufferers. They are not only cheap, but also very safe to use.

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