Finding The Best Hemroid Treatment For At-Home Use

Finding The Best Hemroid Treatment For At-Home Use

Article by Cassie Biddleton

Hemroids are hurtful, embarrassing and a awful day to day condition to have. The good news is, you can treat hemroids at home with the tips we’ll describe in detail below.

Preventing hemroid flare ups is as necessary as caring for them when they do happen. Review the points below and ensure you’re not doing any of the following things to make your hemroids worse:

* Enjoying foods that make hemroids worse, such as caffeine, any sort of alcohol, nuts or spicy foods.

* Wiping or rubbing too hard after bowel movements

* When at the toilet, straining and pushing

* Standing or sitting without moving for a long time. Move and shift your position as often as possible to prevent muscle strain.

If you’re doing any of these things, stop now! You are making your hemroid symptoms worse! Instead, try these dietary suggestions:

* If other food, in addition to those already listed, makes your hemroids inflame then avoid it at all costs! Simply watch how you hemroids respond to your diet and respond accordingly.

* Comsume plenty of fiber in your diet, or include fiber supplements. You’ll find it’s a lot easier to eliminate when you have a fiber rich diet.

* Drink at least eight glasses of water each day. That, like fiber, does make it easier to eliminate.

If your piles get bigger, do everything you can to help treat them. If they are not getting better, then they’re only getting worse. Be proactive.

The regular hemroid treatment methods are OTC medications, such as Preparation H and Tucks medicated pads. But, the ingredients included in some of these medicines say they may not be safe for long term use.

Find if there are hydrocortisone creams available. The anti inflammatory properties can help being down swelling to the irritated skin of your hemroids.

You can find a zinc oxide treatment, such as that in diaper rash medicines, to be very cooling. The can assist with immediate reduction of pain.

Aerosol sprays are sometimes available that have numbing efects.

You’ll also want to ensure you are patting the area instead of wiping and rubbing once you’re finished going to the bathroom. Unscented baby wipes can be a great solution here, because they are gentle on skin.

The numbing and decrease in infalmmation caused by using ice on the area for ten minutes is a great way to lessen pain, and can be done several times per day. Sitz baths are another option. Just bed rest to prevent muscle strain can be a good idea also if your hemroid symptoms are very painful.

Wetness and moisture is a bad thing for hemroids, so wear cotton under wear to keep the area dry. If you are using any hygiene products with dyes or perfumes, don’t use them anymore. They will only irritate your hemroids more.

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Using the treatments above will help bring down your symptoms. Always ask a health care professional and doctor before starting any new treatments.

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