External Hemorrhoid

hemrhoid.org External Hemorrhoid. External Hemorrhoid is one of the digestive system diseases that can cause bleeding in the anus. Constipation is the leading primary cause although hemorrhoids have a multiple etiology, among many others is pregnancy. There are different kinds of external hemorrhoid treatments. These include external hemorrhoid home treatment and surgery. Surgical techniques do carry some risk factors and then there’s of course the post-surgery patient care management. This is why its best to advocate external hemorrhoids prevention rather than treatment for external hemorrhoids. This can be easily done through health promotion and patient education. Bleeding in the rectum is still being associated by many as one of the main symptoms of external hemroids albeit not entirely true. Bleeding can be largely associated with internal hemorrhoids as opposed to external hemorrhoids. Epidemiology is the study of the epiderm (skin) and it is this discipline that best helps with the diagnosis of external hemorrhoids. Understanding the skin and how it reacts to differing conditions can help in suggesting proper therapy for external hemorrhoids, like some types of ointment or cream. You can find out more on External Hemorrhoids Treatment here: hemrhoid.org Thanks for checking out this video:)

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