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www.epxbody.com/fisikestasis What can EPXbody Cardio do for you? Based on scientific research and clinical studies, the benefits of Arginine include: Improves cardiovascular health and reduces stress on the heart Decrease symptoms and improve quality life of people with coronary artery disease Helps regulate blood pressure and improves circulation Inhibits plaque in blood vessels and lowers cholesterol Improves diabetes and reverses related damage Speeds recovery time after surgery and decreases infections Builds lean muscle and improves muscle performance Promotes healthy sexual function, libido, and performance Slows the aging process and helps prevent related diseases Improves memory and enhances cognitive functions Boosts the immune system and overall health Facilitates weight loss and alleviates obesity Preserves bone density and improves osteoporosis Improves outcome of cancer treatment Prevents and heals hemorrhoids, painful urination, and IBS Alleviates cirrhosis and helps to detoxify the liver Helps offset lung damage caused by smoking Increases energy levels to a more youthful state
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