Effective Treatments for Hemorrhoids

Effective Treatments for Hemorrhoids

Article by Min Adams

Modern technological advancements paved way to a lot of variety of treatments for hemorrhoids sufferers. Years before, the only option for cure is to remove the hemorrhoids by surgery. However nowadays, due to these technological advancements we know have other options such as infrared coagulation, laser therapy, sclerotherapy, cyosurgery, and others. These procedures do not necessarily require surgery and are considered to be less invasive. They are more convenient and less painful at the same time as effective as surgery. Patients now have other options to choose from aside from surgery.
In addition to these modern methods, there are also other treatments to choose from. These treatments are more natural and organic in nature. They are commonly called herbal and home remedies. The herbal remedies use natural ingredients to treat the hemorrhoids at you can do these at your own home. Ingredients such as aloe vera, witch hazel, horse chestnut, butcher’s broom, calendula, psyllium seed, among others. While on the other hand, home remedies use ingredients found in your own home as well as methods that can be done at the comforts of your own home. Some examples are warm sitz baths, ice therapy, using petroleum jelly, changing your diet and lifestyle. Warm sitz baths are done several times a day. This can help relieve symptoms such as swelling, pain and itchiness. Ice therapy reduces swelling and also relieves the pain. Using petroleum jelly before bowel movement makes it easier to pass stool. This reduces straining during bowel movement. Changing your diet helps eliminate hemorrhoids, changes such as increasing your fiber intake and water intake. Exercising daily also helps your digestive system. Herbal and home remedies focus more on preventive measures than cure which is important if you have hemorrhoids. Even though you successfully removed it does not mean that it will not come back anymore. That is why prevention is important too.

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