Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally and Permanently Cure Hemorrhoids Naturally and Permanently by Janet Pfeiffer Best-Selling Author of Hemorrhoids Saviour Contrary to what your doctor and the drug companies may want you to believe, you can make your body absolutely invincible to hemorrhoids without drugs or surgery. A bullet-proof digestive system is easy to achieve and you will never again need to worry about piles or other tummy troubles. If you have hemorrhoids, the most common advice you may hear is eat more fruit. Truth is, this may also be the worst advice. While it’s certainly true that fruit can help overcome some of the factors that contribute to piles, it’s not necessarily the best answer for everyone. What if you have diabetes, high blood sugar or weight problems? Or an allergy to fruits? The quantity of fruit you can eat if you have any of these conditions is limited. Then what? Are you doomed to a life with piles? Thankfully, no. There are actually many better alternatives. Also, some fruits offer your body more help in the fight against hemorrhoids than others. Some may actually worsen your condition depending on how, when and with what else you eat them. Healing hemorrhoids requires more than the simplistic approach of: Eat more fruit. Some hemorrhoid sufferers actually eat plenty of fruit and still experience severe piles. This is a clear indication that there are other factors to be considered. Why is it that fruit is so often recommended as a cure or treatment? It provides the body with fluid
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