Category: Hemroids Symptoms -NEW facebook page – it’s cool! Patient Education Company Your doctor has recommended that you have a lower GI endoscopy. But what does that actually mean? A lower GI endoscopy is a diagnostic procedure used by your doctor to inspect the inside of your rectum and colon. While it’s considered a surgical procedure, endoscopy does not involve an incision. Instead, your doctor will pass a flexible tube, called an endoscope through your anus and into your rectum and colon. This tube has a tiny video camera mounted on its tip. It also contains a small tool used for taking tissue samples. Your doctor can use the endoscope to inspect the entire lower half of your digestive system. Patient Education Your doctor can use the endoscope to inspect the entire lower half of your digestive system. Movie In some cases, the shape of the colon makes it impossible to pass the endoscope as far into the body as the doctor would like. Your doctor may decide to take a series of x-rays – or even to perform surgery – in order to inspect the hidden area. Patient Education Reasons for undergoing a lower GI endoscopy vary. You may have been suffering from one or more of a number symptoms – including blood in your stool, weight loss, chronic irregularity or other problems associated with the digestive system. Some gastrointestinal symptoms can be warning signs of serious medical problems and you should take your doctor’s recommendation to have an endoscopy very seriously. Luckily, the vast

I Recommend: -:( ):- It is estimated that hemorrhoids affect about eighty percent of the people in the United States at some point in their life. This uncomfortable condition can be caused by pressure on the rectum which then causes the hemorrhoid veins to bleed or even protrude from the rectum. This condition can be extremely painful and embarrassing for people which is why many go without seeking out treatment or help for this condition. Most people don\’t want to talk about it and will often try to suffer through the pain. The condition always starts with small hemorrhoids that are often unnoticeable to most people. If they go untreated, they can become more painful and many people notice them when they see blood on the toilet paper. Starting to treat them immediately and seeking help from a doctor are both good ways to start. There are several over the counter treatments for small hemorrhoids that people can use in the privacy of their own home. These come in the form of creams and pads that help to stop the itching and pain that are associated with hemorrhoids. Some of the creams will also come with an applicator that can be applied internally as well as externally around the rectum. If this measure doesn\’t seem to do the trick, there are also suppositories that can be used to soothe the area. If hemorrhoids are ignored or go untreated because a person is too embarrassed to talk about them, they can become a more serious recurring problem. Many people
Video Rating: 5 / 5 H Miracle can Treat Hemorrhoids ?? – Hemorrhoids How to cure Hemorrhoids! HMiracle Hemorrhoid Remedy by Holly Hayden. Holly Hayden is an independent expert on curing hemorrhoids 100% naturally using the little-known fast system called “The H Miracle”. You can get a free sample and get your Free “What 95% of Hemorrhoid Sufferers Don’t Know…” Special Report at: If you’ve tried many types of hemorrhoid solutions then you probably understand the differences of how each is used. In this article, I’ll go over what each of them do for the body, how they intend to treat hemorrhoids or piles, and the controversial, raw truth on most of them. The first popular type is creams and ointments where a topical treatment is rubbed on your outer rectal area and aims to soothe blood vessels. This creates a relaxation of the tissue so that it does not bulge out so much. Once the tissue does not bulge, the hemorrhoid will be less likely to flare up. This is great for some relief in the temporal matter but unfortunately you are practically guaranteed to flare up again. The 2nd type that is very popular as well in the form of suppositories which is inserted inside the rectum for the purposes of delivering moisture to the hemorrhoid and creating a lubricating effect once the next rectal pressure comes. The aim is to ensure the hemorrhoid heals without rupturing again. For some it works well, for others not so but it’s worth seeing. The 3rd type is pills where one can consume that
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I Recommend: -:( ):- This depends on different factors. The first and main factor in how long do hemorrhoids last, is how many times have you had hemorrhoids? If you are a virgin and its your first bout of hemorrhoids. It will be easy to get rid of them and a couple of days is all it takes. The next time you get a bout, you will find a little harder and probably four days will do the trick. Once you become a more seasoned customer, you will find two weeks not to be out of the ordinary. You then get chronic.At this stage you start counting the days that you dont have PAIN. Nothing else matters. Having said that. The average time frame, taking into account the above and below mentioned factors is usually one week. That is usually the norm. NB That is why it is so important to cure them the first time around and make sure they dont return. Another factor to consider is what type of hemorrhoids have you got? . .Different types will last shorter or longer. . Simple internal hemorrhoids or external hemorrhoids will last on average seven days. If the internal hemorrhoid becomes prolapsed,then the duration period will be longer and can be anything up to two months. If the external hemorrhoids become thrombosed then again the duration period can be anything up to three months, pending on any complications. Another very important factor to determine the time it takes to heal or how long they last is what type of hemorrhoid treatments that you are using. http Suffering from Piles. Eliminate Hemorrhoids Completely! Guaranteed Results.Don’t Delay or Hesitate. Do not live with the pain either.Cure Piles Get Problem solved forever.Visit these Sites for Immediate Cure.
Video Rating: 0 / 5 Natural Hemaroid Relief for the Healthy Cure There are many natural remedies for hemoroids, you just need the knowledge and the information to make it applicable for giving you positive results.,But the real fact is that hemoroids is curable however severe it is.,If you are looking for the best product for getting rid of hemrroids then the best way is to visit the online site of the products that advertise instant hemaroid relief for using a natural hemorrhoids cure,The hemorrhoid miracle comes in a packaged deal that has all the ingredients of a healthy life and help to promote healing hemorrhoids,We all suffer from a hemorrhoid problem at sometime in our lives and nearly two thirds of people who report for physical examination have a hemaroid according to medical research,This condition gets worse with the passing years and this is the reason that home remedies for hemoroids are more appreciated as they cause fewer side effects giving long lasting results,You should always be ready to treat hemorrhoids as soon as you can for a safe and healthy life because if the problems are eliminated in the beginning it produces positive healthy out comes,•As this problem arises due to constipation which in turn is actually caused by lack of fiber in your diet and the best home remedies for hemaroids ends up in following a hemorrhoid diet that has a high concentration of fiber and fluid so that the digestion process speeds up and the undigested food can easily flow