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What is Diarrhea?


Diarrhea refers to a condition whereby an individual passes out watery stool for a particular period of time. Sometimes it may even take up to two days.  This particular condition can be very detrimental especially when people do nothing to stop it. It is due to issues like this that, some sort of knowledge is required towards this aspect to make things known so that, some particular mistakes are not repeated all the time. As much as possible, individuals should learn to avoid this condition no matter what. This therefore explains why hygiene in general is good thing to consider at all time since it prevents a lot of issues come true.

Acute diarrhea is often considered as one of the dangerous conditions one can imagine and so far, it has been know to be the type that kills easily especially when care is not applied.

This is indeed one factor or area that requires a lot of attention all the time and for this motive, those who do not know should always try as much as possible to learn more about that. It can also lasts for a vey long time ranging from 4 to 5 days. Within this period of days, when immediate attention is not considered, the next thing might be death.

However, chronic diarrhea is noted to last much longer than the acute one. In fact it is noted to be the second cause of childhood death and for this motive when something is not done about it; it may lead to a lot of problems that of course can be an issue at all times. These two conditions usually require a lot of attention at all time and there should never be a situation whereby nothing is being done about it.

When nothing is done about it, then it means a lot more problems may be encountered.

It is also known that, diarrhea is sometimes accompanied by fever or abdominal cramps and this of course is yet an area that needs a lot of recognition. This sort of fever is only realized to be an issue when nothing is being done about it. For this purpose, doing things the right way can always be helpful and hence a lot of consideration is required to make things work properly.

World Health Organization (WHO) has often ensured that, all mothers should report cases of diarrhea to the nearest health facility for immediate treatment. It is only when such reports are not delivered that, a lot of issues are realized and for this motive, anyone who truly wishes to provide adequate health for the child should try as much as possible to follow guidelines. This is the only way some sort of understanding success in good health may be obtained. Good health is mandatory and necessary in all situations and for this reason it is the only way one can achieve something great and as such needs a lot of attention. 


To find out more information about strong diarrhea (the term in Norwegian is kraftig diaré) visit this web page. If you want to get more information about other serious conditions like hemorrhoids or rectal pain (in Norwegian endetarmsplager) follow this resourceful link.

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Watery Diarrhea Causes

Diarrhea is a condition in which a person experiences a frequent watery stool against the normal stool or you can say that a person undergoes a loose stool frequently. Diarrhea itself is a disease under different condition or it is being related with the various digestive problems and it is one of their symptoms. When my kids had watery diarrhea they looked so pale. They had a colorless face and a wasted appearance. Like there was nothing left inside them. This watery diarrhea knocked them for a loop. This watery diarrhea made me feel so helpless. Hopefully you never went through this with your kids. But if you did you know how punishing this can be.

It can be defined in various ways, but most people define their diarrhea as ‘going to the toilet to open your bowels either too frequently or producing loose to watery stools’. Technically, the diagnosis is made if the stool weight is greater than 250g a day, although in practice this is rarely confirmed.

There are many causes of fecal incontinence. The condition occurs when something is wrong within the complex mechanisms of the body that maintain continence. Continence depends on functioning muscles and nerves in and around the rectum and anal canal.

Suppository may also be given along with bowel retraining program so that regular movement will be established once again. After the medication, dietary measure should be observed. Eating more fiber containing foods should be your main meal. Whole wheat grains, vegetables and fruits should be the main course instead of meat and burger. Depending on the cause, a person may have a fever or even bloody stool. Later symptoms can be similar to hemorrhoid symptoms, as both may cause rectal bleeding, itching or burning. Diarrhea can be temporary (acute), like an infection, or a long-term (chronic) problem.

Diarrhea may come with mucus, or undigested food in the stool, cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, or an urgent need to use the toilet. Because of the causes of diarrhea the person may have a fever or bloody stools. It happens when food and fluids consumed passes too quickly or in large an amount or both through the colon. The colon absorbs the liquids from the food you eat, leaving a semisolid stool. Some of the people suffering from IBS, experience only a single symptom like constipation. This is characterized by straining or cramping with only minimal amount of stool released. Some people experience mucus, which moistens digestive tracts, released in their stool along with bowel.

Causes of Diarrhea

Causes of diarrhea: Stress believe it or not is often a diarrhea cause. Most of us have hectic lifestyles and we don’t have the time to eat right, to drink enough water, sleep enough, etc. Little by little the immune system runs down and affects the digestive system. Digestive system out of balance can be give us a signal that’s something is wrong, and that signal in this case is constant diarrhea or even bloody diarrhea. Take it as a hint.

Studies show that before the time they reach the age of five, most people will have experienced a case of diarrhea more than ten different times. Besides the common cold, diarrhea is the most popular medical problem among humans in the world today, yet very few people actually understand the causes of diarrhea. If you’ve always wondered what causes diarrhea, you probably won’t be that surprised to learn that there are many different factors that contribute to this common problem.

Knowing the most likely diarrhea cause for your condition makes it easier to fix.

Most people are so busy with their jobs and lives; they don’t have an extra second to spend thinking about their digestive health. Unfortunately, digestive problems are the number one medical complaint among mature adults. If people spent more time learning about the digestive system and causes of diarrhea, it’s likely that there would be less need for costly doctor’s visits and medication that is rarely effective. If you’ve been wondering what causes diarrhea, and how you can prevent this condition from interrupting your life, here are some important information you should know.

Diarrhea causes significant morbidity and mortality throughout the world and is a common symptom in ibs or the irritable bowel syndrome. It is a leading cause of mortality in the third world and worldwide is a significant cause of sickness leave with resultant financial burden.

An indication of Diarrhea is when your stool is watery. A prolonged diarrhea can post serious problems like dehydration and vomiting. Every age can be a victim of this disease especially in today’s environment situation which is polluted.

So what causes diarrhea? Acute diarrhea is related to viral, parasitic infection or bacterial. While chronic diarrhea is due to functional disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel diseases.

Many elderly folks suffer from the occasional battle with diarrhea without ever knowing what caused it. While it’s generally just an uncomfortable annoyance that only lasts a day or two, it can become a more serious situation when it ends up causing incontinence.

I’m going to share with you a number of causes of diarrhea. Once you know the different ways diarrhea can happen, you’ll be able to more easily identify the exact source in your particular situation.

Diarrhea is a condition in which a person experiences a frequent watery stool against the normal stool or you can say that a person undergoes a loose stool frequently. Diarrhea itself is a disease under different condition or it is being related with the various digestive problems and it is one of their symptoms.

Can Diarrhea cause Hemorrhoids? I know that it seems impossible. Since we all know that Hemorrhoids are caused by constipation, we try to soften our stool. However, there is a connection between Hemorrhoids and Diarrhea that you need to know.

Water stool that happens more than 3 times a day is called Diarrhea. This can normally last for a few days. If this condition lasts long, it could seriously hurt your body.

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