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Hemorrhoids Treatment – Cure Hemorrhoids

 If you have been suffering with hemorrhoids you have probably tried all types of hemorrhoids treatment. I am sure that you want to find a way to cure hemorrhoids for ever. The problem is that in order to treat hemorrhoids effectively you need to know what type of hemorrhoids are affecting you.

What Are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins around the anus and inside the rectum, that may protrude from the anus. They are very similar to varicose veins. typically they enlarge and then lose their elasticity forming sac like protrusions into the anal canal.
Causes Of Hemorrhoids

Prolonged sitting
Prolonged standing
Lifting heavy objects
Straining bowel movements (constipation)
Lack of exercise
Lack of dietary fiber
Food allergies
Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids
Bleeding after bowel movements

Types of Hemorrhoids
There are different types of hemorrhoids depending o their location and the degree of pain and discomfort experienced by the sufferer.

Internal hemorrhoids, which are located inside the rectum and are usually painless. Sometimes these hemorrhoids bleed and when they do the blood is a bright red colour.
External hemorrhoids. Piles is the old fashion term used to describe this condition.These develop under the skin at the opening of the anal cavity and swell up until they look like a bunch of grapes due to their dark blue or purple colour. They also excruciatingly painful.
Prolapsed hemorrhoids. This is an internal hemorrhoid that has collapsed and then protrudes outside the anus often accompanied by a mucous discharge and heavy bleeding. Prolapsed hemorrhoids can become thrombosed (have blood clots form within them) which prevent them from receding back into the anus. Thrombosed  hemorrhoids can be very painful.

Hemorrhoids Treatment Approaches

Conservative measures. Follow a dietary regimen with fiber supplementation and .self help treatments. These methods are most effective for treating all types of hemorrhoids except for thrombosed hemorrhoids.
Infrared Photo-coagulation. This uses infrared heat to treat minor internal hemorrhoids. It is less painful than other methods but more often needs more than one trip to the doctor to sort the problem out. It is also not always successful or effective.
Injection sclerotherapy involves injecting the hemorrhoids to make them shrink.
Laser treatment, this is gaining popularity as the physicians choice of treatment.
Ligation, small rubber bands are used to tie off the base of the hemorrhoid starving its blood supply by cutting off circulation.They soon detach and are eliminated from the body in the normal moving of the bowels.
Surgery, this is often employed as a last resort when the other methods fail. Surgery is effective in 95% of cases. Sometimes a second surgery may be necessary if the hemorrhoids come back.

In this article I have shown you what hemorrhoids is, what causes hemorrhoids, what the symptoms of hemorrhoids are and also the different hemorrhoids treatment. Hopefully using one of these methods described you will be able to cure hemorrhoids forever.

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Hemorrhoid Banding

Hemorrhoid in its initial stages can be treated with the help of natural treatment therapies, mild medication, along with proper changes in your food habits, as well as regular exercise. However, in case the condition gets severe, then in that case, you may have to resort to clinical treatment therapies. Injection Sclerotherapy, Infrared Photocoagulation, Laser Coagulation as well as Hemorrhoid-ectomy, are some of the clinical therapies, which are available. Apart from these, hemorrhoid banding or ligation is another major clinical treatment therapy.

This therapy is by far the most common clinical therapies. It is one of the oldest therapies as well. So in case natural therapies prove to be of no use, then in that case, this therapy can prove to be of great help. Now, since hemorrhoids or piles are basically swollen blood vessels in the anus region, therefore this treatment tends to focus on the blood supply itself.

So, the therapy involves cutting down of the blood supply to the affected area, so that these protrusions wither away, due to lack of blood supply.

In this way, a painful condition can be treated and you can lead a normal and healthy life. The procedure is not very elaborate. In this, the physician uses a small rubber band for cutting of the blood supply to the hemorrhoid from the body. Thereafter, the blood supply gets permanently nipped off and hence the veins in the Piles dry up. Eventually, the piles are gone. This procedure takes place after administering proper anesthesia. The procedure would take some time. However, in most cases, the time duration is usually spanning around fifteen days.

The procedure might appear to be very simple.

However, the period during which the rubber band is put on the piles, is very painful and hence you should be prepared for it. Also, the recovery period might take longer than you expected. However, this therapy is not of use in case of fourth degree prolapsed hemorrhoids. At times, the pain may alleviate. Hence you should be ready to spend a few sleepless nights as well. You may also go through excessive bleeding during this period. Cases of infection may also occur. In such a case, you should consult your doctor, who would treat these problems.

However, after you have been treated, it does not mean that it would not get back. In most of the cases it does get back. Hence, it is in your best interest, to see to it, that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and proper food habits.

Hemroid Banding is a process that provides permanent hemorrhoids remedies.

Hemorrhoids Management – Infrared Coagulation

Struggling from the dreadful hemorrhoids symptoms? No need to fret. Take control over your health today. Due to the advancement of medical research and technology, medical experts came up with the latest technology in treating hemorrhoids and this will certainly help hemorrhoids sufferers including pregnant women. This ground breaking medical procedure is called Infrared Coagulation Treatment.

Infrared Coagulation Treatment is less invasive as compared to other traditional procedures. It is simple and modern. The good part is, it is safe to use for pregnant women and elderly people.

The recuperation stage of this type of therapy are greatly reduced. Moreover, there is little risks involved. Unlike other medical procedures for hemorrhoids, this can be performed without anesthesia. Needless to say, patients can surely go back to work the same day as the procedure..

Certainly, this treatment procedure is perfect for busy men and women.

Infrared Coagulation treatment is a non-surgical procedure specifically for internal hemorrhoids. This type of hemorrhoids have less noticeable signs and symptoms. Most people are unaware that they are suffering from this condition because there’s little to no pain in the area.

In this type of treatment, the device is inserted inside the anus and is extending so that it will reach the hemorrhoids. The infrared device touches the base of the hemorrhoids. This coagulates the damaged veins causing the hemorrhoid to dry up and shrinks. Then turning it into scar tissues and thus preventing it from coming back.

Infrared coagulation is similar to the rubber band legation. They both inhibit the flow of blood in the veins allowing it to wither and in a few days fall off. Rubber band legation procedure is painful and it takes more than a week for the hemorrhoids to falls off unlike the infrared coagulation, where it will only take a few days for the hemorrhoids to dry and finally falls off.

This type of hemorrhoid treatment is perfect for small to medium – sized hemorrhoids. And unlike the other type of treatments, this can be done to treat multiple hemorrhoids. It allows the medical team to treat all the hemorrhoids simultaneously. However, infrared coagulation treatment is not applicable in severe cases of hemorrhoid.

In this type of hemorrhoid treatment, though it is one of the newest and the most innovative procedure available, still the reappearance of hemorrhoids vary depending on the individual case of the patients.. This is because hemorrhoid is not a disease but rather a disorder of the veins within the muscle walls located inside the rectum. It is caused by frequent pressure.

In order for the hemorrhoid to be treated permanently, it is best to do preventive measures and live a healthy life.

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