Bleeding hemorrhoids – The Cure

Bleeding hemorrhoids – The Cure

Article by Jamie Lee

Piles and bloodloss aren’t always seen in the identical case, but it’s often the factor that brings the problem to people’s attention â?? at least where they begin taking action to rectify the problem. This piece will look into bleeding hemroids, or as it’s properly referred to as â?? bleeding hemorrhoids.

“It doesn’t matter what the scenario, bloodloss is a serious case. Piles is certainly no different.”

Both internal and external hemorrhoids can bleed, so what causes this stressful and, needless to say, embarrassing side effect?

See below, for the stages leading up to bloodloss:

The Levels of Hemorrhoids/ More Explanation

1. Hemorrhoids propagate to life gererally as a result of your lifestyle – your eating choices, your daily activities and your general health. All of these factors culminate in the stress that is situated on your varicose veins – examples could be recently giving birth, your diet, your weight and whether your suffer from bowel problems (constipation).

2. These factors cause the veins to swell and develop into piles â?? Can be either internal or external

3. If vein(s) continues to be placed under stress it expands so much that not only does it bulge into the anal canal but it breaks open, leading to bloodloss.

Bloodloss represents a later stage of hemorrhoids, and usually there are a host of other sensations before that point such as itching and soreness. But what if you are someone that found you had piles Once bleeding had started?

If this closely resembles your experience, relax, it’s quite common. Early development of hemorrhoids can be misidentified as other less important irritations. Most sufferers wouldn’t think it neccessary to ‘waste’ their doctor’s time with an itchy bottom. 9 instances out of 10, you’ll find that hemorrhoids ‘lurk in the dark’ before letting you know they are there – usually with a jolt of pain.

Also, if you’re a person who was simply too intimidated by the prospect of having some ‘big problem’ I want to assure you that we’ve all been there. You’re doing the correct thing now by reading articles about the issue. There are many options for you.

100% natural Remedies For Piles That Are Bleeding

Choices For Solutions/ Further Research

Comfrey – The well-approved plant that contributes to new cell growth and has natural healing properties.

Seed Of Mango (Dried) – This is very beneficial and it can even taste great when consumed with a spoonful of honey.

Apple Cider Vinegar – You can do a lot worse than having apple cider vinegar with meals.

Douse a Cotton Ball In Vinegar – This is a great solution to minimising pain and soreness.

Aloe Vera – A time-tested solution to decreasing inflammation.

Witch Hazel – This is another alternative you have when it comes to inflammation.

Dry Figs – An under-used home remedy for piles is soaked figs for breakfast. Leave them to soak in water for atleast two hours and then eat on an empty stomach – scrumptious!

Sitz Baths (Herbal) – Sitz baths are probably the most common home remedy for hemorrhoids. Why? Because that what doctors recommend you do! Not only are they great for hemmorhoids, but they are great for the pain.

Kegel Exercises – Physically stressful experiences such as the birth of a child take their toll of the muscles in and around your pelvis region. Kegel exercises are recommended among older women as they help continence. These exercises, however, are great for both women and men when it comes to strengthening the body against hemorrhoids.

Lastly, eat your fiber!

Inorganic Solutions/ Further Information

Have An Operation –

As with any bodily problems, surgery should only be an option if all other options have been explored. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to what options you have, and therefore it’s beyond the reach of this piece.

Creams/Ointments â??

Creams and ointments are a very popular choice for people suffering with bleeding piles. I won’t detail this subject either becasue it is so huge. It’s best if I encourage you to find an article specifically about creams and ointments – Google’s the best place to start.

Reasons For Bleeding?

Long-term Constipation –

A common reason for people suffering from hemorrhoids is long-term bowel irregularity. The problem with constipation starts when you experience it day after day and ultimately it’s effects on your body can be similar to that of pregnancy. It comes down to one aspect. It boils down to excess physical stress.

Childbirth –

So like I shared with you, strain is the culprit of hemorrhoids, There is always a lot of physical tension during child birth. However, Women have evolved to be able to cope with this kind of stress. But only up to a certain point.

There are limits to what we can do and the birth of a child is one of mother nature’s little challenges of putting us to the test.

Exercise (Lack There of) –

This is probably the main offender for hemorrhoid sufferers. It’s not a case of missing your Sunday morning jog because you were moving house. I believe that unless exercise becomes a part of your lifestyle, your health begins to grow worse. For many people, exercise is the result of their work, for others, it’s based in and out of work, or perhaps you head to the gym every weekend for a heavy duty workout. No mattter what you decide, just make sure it’s good for both your mind AND your body – enjoy running to the gym, don’t haul yourself to the gym!

Inadequate Circulation –

Poor circulation results in muscle wastage, discomfort in your greater extremities (hands and feet) and problems with coordination and dextrous movements.

With the title of this article I will predictably add that poor circulation can lead to hemorrhoids. Fortunately, circulation can be managed quite easily with modern drugs, see your doctor and you will be prescribed the right solution for you.

Further Actions:

* Have a lot more water throughout the day

* Spacious clothes are highly recommended

* Ensure you are up and walking atleast once an hour; certainly when you are using the toilet. Sitting on the toilet for long periods of time places a lot of pressure on the rectal veins â?? which leads to hemorrhoids!

Disorders That Cause Rectal Bleeding:

Possible Disorders/ Details

Veins (varicose) – Piles can be encouraged by over-stressed varicose veins, as I’ve already explained.

Bowel Disease (Inflammatory) –

— Diverticulitis, the formation of intestinal pouches or pockets.

— Colitis, pain and bleeding result from ulcers formed due to the wearing away of the rectal/colon wall.

Celiac Disease –

Celiac disease is a digestive disease that damages the small intestine and lessons nutrient intake from food.

Fistulas –

A fistula is an uncommon relationship between two cell-lined vessels or organs that don’t normally have a connection. They can usually be fixed through long-term change in your diet.

Fissures –

Fissures are rips within the intestinal mucosa.

Polyps –

These are potentially cancerous growths within the body.

Prolapses –

A prolapsed hemorrhoid is ordinarily known as an external hemorrhoid. The varicose vein becomes set under so much pressure it’s retraction is lost and it dips to a level where you can actually see it in the flesh.

Going into detail about these topics is out of this articles breadth but it’s definitely advisable to do some further enquiry into these.

Varicose veins and prolapses, mind you, are the ones to concentrate on for hemorrhoids.

I will finish this article with the most important advice. Get your doctors advice before trying anything – find out what the TRUE problem is first.

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