Avoid Constipation to Prevent Hemorrhoids

Avoid Constipation to Prevent Hemorrhoids

If we scrutinize properly the causes of hemorrhoids, the main trigger is that of straining. There will be no straining on defecation if there is no constipation. So this is the main factor that we should try to avoid at all cost. Stop constipation from setting in and the job is almost done to prevent hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that normally occupy the wall of the rectum and at the anus. Both the internal and external hemorrhoids can be very uncomfortable and at time very painful except the first-degree internal hemorrhoids which at the most will bleed painlessly. Preventing hemorrhoids is very easy to carry out.

Take control over your diet. Do not go for refined food and sugar. Ensure that you take a regular meal of a balanced diet. Make sure that there are plenty of fibers in the food. Fibers can be obtained from fruits and vegetables.

The same is available from whole grains like oats and rice. These will produce watery bulk for the digestive tract thus ensuring that the stools will be soft on defecation. Where possible try to cleanse the digestive tract of old fecal materials so that you will always have a healthy intestine for a healthy body. Try to use beet fiber, oat fibers and psyllium husks for this purpose. The result would be fantastic.

Take vitamins and minerals supplements. Apart from supplying the nutrients for the over sixty trillions of cells in the body, the pancreas need the vitamins to produce the enzymes for body processes including digestion. The enzymes are needed to break down the food that you consume. Only then will absorption take place in the intestine to distribute the nutrients to the rest of the body.

If there are insufficient enzymes, there will be indigestion. Food waste will be kept longer in the digestive tract thus becoming a condition for infections to set in. Constipation will also become a problem.

Engage in a healthy exercise regime. This will ensure that you are fit enough to eliminate all forms of ailments that tend to trigger as we age. The many good exercises include aerobic exercise, cycling and swimming. These are less drastic on the body and cause less injury; they are very good for the heart. Exercise at least three times weekly. A simple brisk walking exercise for about 40 minutes will suffice. Exercise will enable you to maintain an ideal body weight. There will then be no pressure on the pelvic and anal regions of the body.

Once you can ensure a proper diet and healthy lifestyle, you can prevent hemorrhoids. However, if you are down with one, there are many home remedies that you can use to overcome hemorrhoids.

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